15 Of The Most Unique Statues From Around The World

There are however, statue and sculpture art objects which are creatively designed that you would swear, their concept or idea never crossed your mind. This of course does not only refer to statues and sculptures of heroes and statesmen but in large part, to other things like animals and inanimate objects.

Yes, in cities around the world, you can find unusual statue and sculpture art objects aside from the usual display of distinguished individuals revered by the community.

A Day Out / Adelaide / Australia

Image Credits: Peterclayton

Break Through From Your Mold / By Zenos Frudakis /Philadelphia-Pennsylvania / USA

Cattle Drive Dallas / Texas / USA

Image Credits: The World of Gord

De Vaartkapoen / Brussels / Belgium

Image Credits: Panoramio

Expansion / by Paige-Bradley / New York / USA

Hippo Sculptures / Taipei / Taiwan

Image Credits: Wikimedia

Les Voyageurs / Marseilles / France

Man At Work / Bratislava / Slovakia

Man Hanging Out / Prague/ Czech Republic

Image Credits: Civic Arts Project

Mihai Eminescu / Onesti / Romania

Mustangs / By Robert Glen / Las Colinas-Texas / USA

Image Credits: Mustangs of Las Colinas

People Of The River / By Chong Fah Cheong / Singapore

Image Credits: Live Journal

Salmon Sculpture / Portland-Oregon / USA

Sinking Building Outside State Library / Melbourne / Australia

The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby / Wroclaw / Poland

Credits: Bored Panda

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