(VIDEO) Kayakers swallowed by a humpback whale in Avila beach – California

Two kayakers ended up inside the whale’s mouth while the whale was feeding in the waters of Avlia beach, California. The whale released them and both survived and were unharmed.

This is amazing and also terrifying! Baleen whales definitely can’t swallow you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be crushed by her tongue on your way out.

Whales are unable to eat anything larger than a rabbit, they mainly eat algae and very small shrimp and fish in the ocean, occasionally turtles will get stuck in their mouths and they are forced to spit it out.

Whales could not survive swallowing a human as they can’t metabolize them into energy or disolve them to waste for excrement. Would be like a person swallowing a hammer.

Check out the video:

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