Sometimes lying can save your life. 6 situations in a relationship when it’s worth lying.

In some cases, lying can help you cheer up your partner or even may save your life.

1. When you leave an aggressive partner.

If you have decided to get out of a destructive relationship and you’re preparing to step back, you’re free to lie. Your main task is to draw his attention to save money, to gather your things, to make contacts with people who will help you get out of this relation.

The aggressor’s reaction is unpredictable if he understands that the victim is escaping. Therefore, it is better to stay alive and healthy than fair and honest.

#2. When the partner asks, “Have you ever loved someone more than you love me?”

If you have not previously agreed on absolute honesty, then answer “no”. Let’s admit that there was a stronger feeling in your life than the current one. Who will feel better if you tell the truth?

#3. When you make a surprise

Usually, the man who a surprise is being prepared may open his third eye and also the ability to see through the walls – there are great chances that he might predict your move. Therefore, you will have to lie to keep the secret. Make sure the lie is harmless, otherwise you risk losing your loved one before you reach day X.

#4. When you leave a generally good person

Love is gone, and you pack your bags. The former partner is probably wondering what’s wrong. Don’t rush to number the whole list of bad behaviors. Are you sure that its faults are the reason for the breakup? Or is it better to justify your leaving by simply accusing him of all the bads?

#5. When you make a compliment to cheer up your partner

Let’s say your girlfriend caught a cold and turned from a beauty into a girl with a swollen nose and red eyes. The phrase “you look great” is not a lie at all, because the girl has a mirror, she knows the truth. This is just another way to talk about your feelings about her.

#6. When it’s not your secret

All the properties acquired during the marriage are considered common, but the secrets of your friends are not. You don’t have to invent a fake story full of details, just answer “I don’t know” to the awkward question about your friend.

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