Trick Or Treat: 13 Halloween Cookie Recipes

As Halloween is around the corner we’ve prepared a few spooky cookies and spiderweb cupcakes and many other sweet treats for a Halloween party.
Get your apron and chef hat ready because you’ll spend some time in the kitchen preparing all these goodies.

Halloween Biscuits

Delight those spooky ghosts with these homemade biscuits.

Get recipe from: Bbc

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Those are cute ghost cupcakes…and very delicious.

Get recipe from: Bbc

Ghost cake

This spooktacular ghost cake is very easy to make and it will rock at the Halloween party.

Get recipe from: Bbc

Spiderweb Cookies

These crunchy cookies will disappear before you can say: “Boo!”

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

Bat And Cobweb Cookies

These gingerbread critters are very spooky and are the best treat you can serve to those little spirits.

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

Sweet Bones

Yes, it looks terrifying but you’ll guests will enjoy these meringue treats.

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

Ladies Fingers Treats

Creepy fingers? Imagine those fingernails made from almonds. Yummy!

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

Almond Brownies Coffins

Literally, eat a coffin…tasty brownie, creepy shape.

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

White Chocolate Ghosts

Ask your kids to help you with this spooky project.

Get recipe from: MarthaStewart

Vampire Bite Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies filled with raspberry jelly? Does it sound spooky to you? 🙂

Get recipe from: AshleeMarie

Mummy Halloween Cookies

Funny food, less effort…well, I say to get ready for baking.

Get recipe from: EveryDayDishes

Spider Cookies

These Halloween treats are easy to prepare and I bet it will be fun.

Get recipe from: PrincessPinkyGirl

Halloween Sugar Cookies

Get ready for some action and arm yourself with patience to bake these tasty and spooky pumpkin shaped cookies.

Get recipe from: Angelicamademe

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