Classy & Simple: 23 Short Hairstyles For Older Women

Women, as they get older they review their style in clothes and hair, which is absolutely normal. You get bored with the same style for decades and a woman shouldn’t stop being a woman with age. Most of the eldery women decide to cut their hair short because, with age, hair starts falling out. It’s part of the natural aging process. So, we collected the most classy and simple short hairstyles for older women. But this doesn’t mean that younger ladies shouldn’t sneak-a-peek through this article.

Lovely In Lavender

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Forget about bleaching and toning. Use white hair as a backdrop for pastel colors. Create a full effect with short feathered layers and wispy fringe for a funky style.

Bouncy Bob

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To create shape for short haircuts use the layering cut.

Pixie Hairstyle

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This haircut is suitable for women with slim faces because they show off high cheekbones.

Long Blonde Bang

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By adding gold blonde in front you’ll bring warmth to your complexion.

Soft Tousled Waves

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Instead of sleek short layers, incorporate some soft flicks throughout the crown for touchable tousled texture.

Serious Side Bang

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Pixie haircuts are very versatile and longer bangs will provide softness to such a severe haircut.

Silver And Sophisticated

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Silver hair makes a striking statement in super short haircuts because it looks cool and chic. To create deepth, put dark charcoal hue at the roots.

Trendy Two-Tone

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This confirms Lincoln aphorism…it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.

Messy Short Layers

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Haircuts for older women shouldn’t be complicated because you’ve earn this right. So, feel free with “just got out of bed” haircut.

Rounded And Full Short Hairstyle

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Try this rounded bob idea for a younger look.

Wispy Feathered Style

Image Credits: Instagram

Don’t be shy to try a short haircut, just look at this pic with long side bangs and the overall wispy appeal.

Classic Pixie Haircut

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Well, this is what I call a pixie haircut and easy to maintain and also, so much fun to style and embellish.

Short Stacked Bob

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This style is very common but if you ask your hairdresser to create stacked layers in the back and maybe a sassy asymmetrical frame in the front…won’t be so common anymore.

Two Tone Short Tapered Haircut

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This haircut has a chic personal style. It’s a trendy short crop with a perfect trim for the edges.

Vintage Bob Style

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1920’s bob with fringe seems the perfect haircut for elder women.

Traditional Style: Activated

Image Credits: Instagram

This look is perfect for women of all ages with soft long layers and some bangs to highlight the face.

Volume And Shagginess

Image Credits: ShortHaircut

Rachel Welch haircut is simply: adorable. Your hairdresser has to lift your roots and make some layers of flicks for thin hair.

Sassy Pixie

Image Credits: MarieClaire

Sharon Stone is the living proof that a pixie haircut, sassy and stylish is acceptable over 50.

Bob With Highlights

Image Credits: Hairstylesfave

This an elegant and classy haircut. Opt for a modern quirk and pair it with thin bangs.

Short Texture A-line Hairstyle

Image Credits: Hairstylesweekly

Katie Couric always draws attention with this A-line haircut which highlight her eyes.

Blonde Asymmetric Hairstyle With Bangs

Image Credits: Hairzone

With those wispy bangs across the forehead you’ll always be full of charm and grace.

Discreetly Angled Bob

Image Credits: CurlyShortHair

This fabulous haircut can be adopted by women from 6 to 60 years…and ask your hairdresser for an angle cut.

Short Fluffy Curls

Image Credits: ShortHaircut

Ashy blonde delicate curls, swept backwards shape a beautiful elegant style with a romantic tint.

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