10 Brain-Shattering Optical Illusions That Will Mess With Your Mind

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures” – by Oscar Wilde.

These optical illusions will play tricks with your brain. Many of the images you will find here demonstrate visual phenomena, and optical or visual illusions. You will learn about the complexities of the human eye first hand.

A bright bulb

Image Credits: Illusions

Stare at the black bulb for about 30 seconds and then immediately switch your attention to a light surface and you should see the bulb all light up!

Count the circles

Image Credits: Quora

If you take a closer look, there are more circles than you may expect.

0 Shades of Grey

Image Credits: Sudeepbehera

The intersect of black and white trick your eye into thinking there are grey dots where there aren’t.

Are you seeing the man’s profile or a straight-on shot?

Image Credits: Illusions

While you will naturally see one option, look away, and refocus to get a view of both options.

The King

Image Credits: Architecturendesign

Maybe you can make something out in these dots, but cross your eyes for a Thriller!

Which line is longer?

Image Credits: Irwinbartlet

This simple illusion leads you to believe the bottom line is longer thanks to the positioning of the arrows inward or outward while they’re actually the same length.

The top and bottom square are actually the same color

Image Credits: Quora

See the difference fade by placing your finger between the two at the arrows.

Do you see white or black dots?

Image Credits: Korhaber

As you scan across the grid, they should change from white to black as they enter your peripheral vision.

Moving picture

Image Credits: Prozrenie74

It does look like this picture is moving, but if you focus intently on one spot, it’ll freeze for you.

Straight into the curve

Image Credits: Wikimedia

Relax your eyes and you’ll see the grey lines curve even though they’re completely straight.

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