8 Best Vintage Beauty Tutorials

Nowadays we’re still talking about the natural beauty of Ava Gardener, Marlin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc. Although these beauty icons wore makeup and they used different techniques to highlight they natural beauty. Contouring and baking technique were around the 40’s and they used some other technique that’s really scary: the radioactive facials. So, we’ve collected from YouTube some video tutorials of vintage beauty to enjoy and to learn some old school beauty tips…or not. 

1. This 1940 video tutorial teaches women how to cleanse their skin, to apply makeup and to choose a hairstyle for your face shape.

2. This video tutorial from the 60’s is for a daily beauty ritual and for contouring she uses a darker blush.

3. Well, we told you about the radioactive facial technique. Terrifying. The funny part is that she says: Oh, just a radioactive facial…no biggie.

4. Here are some hair removal methods…and nail polish removing tips which are actually nice advices.

5. In this video we’ll find some interesting things about makeup: how to apply foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick. And some tips to make your lipstick last longer.

6. Back in time there were some interesting techniques about chemically hair straightening. The process seems to take two hours and involved some oil blending and hot combs.

7. Here is a brushing hair technique. Nothing more, nothing less.

8. In this tutorial is a video editor who’s actually explaining the technique. Who knew that in 1938 were beauty artists?

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