10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pet

Having a pet, especially a dog, involves a lot of responsibility and can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve made a list of things you need to know before getting a dog.

1. A dog is for life

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Owning a dog is for life because they develop deep bonds with you and your family. If you change the owner it can be traumatic for the animal. As a owner you have to be capable to provide food, shelter, medical care and love.

2. …and can be expensive

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Well, the average care for a dog is between $800-$1,000 per year, which is not a bargain.

3. Buy your dog accessories in advance

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Make sure you have all the basic supplies for your new pet, like: a collar, ID tag, a leash (four feet long), food and water bowls (preferable ceramics), a comfortable dog bed and toys.

4. Find the perfect vet for your dog

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Find the best vet in your area for your dog. He needs proper care.

5. Create a safe and cozy home for your dog

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Keep out of reach any toxic substance from your pet and be sure its toys are also non-toxic.

6. Train your dog

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As a puppy they don’t know where to do their “business”, that’s why they should be train and shown “the good pet manners”. Well, moor yourself with patience and spare time.

7. Let your dog to socialize

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By exposing your dog to different environments and other dogs, you’ll raise a happy, stable and confident animal.

8. Groom your dog

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Start with short sessions of grooming and increase them gradually. The trick is to reward your pet after this procedure. This will prevent tangles and reduce the risk of irritation. Ask your vet to make a grooming schedule for your pet’s breed.

9. Get ready to be a dog dentist

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Prevent dental diseases of your pet by brushing its teeth three to five times a week.

10. Be sure of your decision

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Well, make sure if getting a dog is a wise decision for you and your family even after 10-15 years from now.

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