12 Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

Driving a car or getting run over by one is still one of the most popular ways to get killed in the modern world. Even if cars are safer, human often have trouble in driving a vehicle.

Some driving tips are useful for everyone, not only because they will save you money but they could save your life, too. Also you’ll be more careful in this crazy little world.

Leave up early

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Getting out the door a few minutes earlier you’ll be les tempted to speed.

Two-second rule

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Driving in the city, you have to maintain a safe following distance at any speed. The rule is that a driver should stay at least two seconds behind any vehicle that is directly in front of his vehicle.

Use your car’s cruise control to its full potential

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Save gas by turning on your cruise control (on open highways only) or watch your speedometer (between 75-85).

Coast to a stop

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Take your foot off the gas when you approach a yellow or a red light. This way you’ll use less gas and reduce wear and tear on your tires and breaks.

Accelerate gradually

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You’ll drain fuel and strain your engine by gradually accelerating.

Check your car’s tire pressure

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If the pressure is low by just eight pounds per square inch (55 kilopascals) you’ll burn 4% more fuel.

Switch to synthetic oil

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You’ll lower both your greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

Put your phone away

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Well, distracting driving is the leading cause of fatal and serious-injury collisions. Hands-free phone is also a distraction.

Be aware of animals

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Especially at dawn and dusk, drive carefully in the areas where is wildlife.

Leave enough space between cars

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Don’t drive close to another vehicle, just leave enough space to have time to react.

Speed limits are for excellent weather conditions

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During a storm or in winter is obvious that is dangerous to reach the speed limit.

Know when to stay at home

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Leave your car at home on a stormy weather and take a walk to the supermarket to avoid accidents

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