Fight Against Diabetes, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease With Okra Water

Okra (Lady’s Fingers) is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Its name is different in every country, but it sounds similar. Okras are very rich in nutrients. This plant isn’t seasonal because it is growing over the whole year.

You can consume okras boiled, stewed or pickled. In addition to this post we are going to present you the benefits of consuming okras:

– reduces cholesterol levels
– prevents diabetes
– reduces the glucose levels consumed by food via the gastrointestinal tract
– relieves asthma symptoms
– prevents kidney diseases

You need:

– 4 raw okras
– a cup of water

How to prepare:

Cut the heads and tails of the okras and place them into the water. Leave them overnight.


Consume this drink on an empty stomach every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. The quick effects will surprise you!

The video below presents the whole preparation of okra water.

Credits: Healthy Food Advice

Image Credits: Thoughts from Frank and Fern

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