5 Star Wedding Cake Ideas

Every year, weddings are getting softer, lusher and more personalized for any couple, starting with decorations, cakes, wedding outfits, and so on. Nowadays, wedding cakes represent the artistic centerpiece of many wedding receptions. Traditions aren’t respected anymore, that’s why the traditional taste of Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon will be enhanced with liquers, buttercreams, ganaches, unusual conserves, purees, mousses, and gelees. Also, on the outside, the cake will be extremely simple and on the inside, will be a chromatic explosion.
So, we’ve selected the most fancy and delicious wedding cakes ideas to inspire yourself for the most beautiful day of your life.

1. Whimsical Cake Design

Image Credits: Rosalindmillercakes

This two tires cake with tiny sugar wild flowers gives a romantic look to this tasty masterpiece.

2. Roman Cake

Image Credits: Josevilla

For a thematic wedding, like ancient Rome, this is the right wedding cake with gilded laurel from fondant and gum paste. Also, as an idea, you can match the golden laurel with the wedding invitation.

3. Boho Cake

Image Credits: Juliecate

This cake’s decorations with bohemian elements like handmade sugar dream catchers and water-paper feathers will definitely personalize your wedding.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Image Credits: Oakleakcakes

Or let’s get inspire from Tiffany accessories for our wedding cake. With the help of the airbrush technique create the most beautiful mosaic glass…on the wedding cake.

5. Art Deco Cake

Image Credits: Hellomagazine

This trend is very popular among weddings. Wedding cake is the centerpiece and also the story teller of couple’s love story.

6. Rainbow Wedding Cake

Image Credits: Everafterguide

Or, in other words, funfetti wedding cake is the most popular flavor among wedding cakes.

7. Getting Old Together

Image Credits: Jenniferweems

Chemistry is the key of long-lasting relationships and what’s most beautiful than expressing it on your wedding cake, like a vow.

8. Carpe Diem Cake

Image Credits: Destinationweddingmag

This butterfly cake inspired from nature express the quintessence of life. Just live like a butterfly.

9. Traveling Cake

Image Credits: Destinationweddingmag

Well, it is said that you take a little bit of Paris with you…or insert it in your wedding cake.

10. Fairytale Cake

Image Credits: Independent

This monochrome cake, presents forest life, inspired from Bambi’s story. So, create your wedding story.

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