16 Things You Should Know About Your Cat

If you notice awkward behavior on your cat, you should know that it’s trying to tell you something important. Here are a few things that your cat wishes you understood.

1. Do not disturb

Image Credits: Smartkitten

It doesn’t matter where or when these life companions need to sleep but it’s always better where they aren’t allowed to: like on your computer. The reason they do that is because their delicate bodies need warmth…from your computer.

2. Stop being a paparazzi

Image Credits: Wikiality

Often cats don’t enjoy taking photos of them. That’s because they wan don’t have to worry when it comes to photos: camera flashes don’t harm cats’ eyes because they have an ultra-reflective cells layer which helps them to see in low light.

3. Don’t rub my belly. I’m not a dog

Image Credits: Boredomtherapy

In some cases, when cats show their bellies is a sign of being friendly, but other times it’s exactly the opposite. Showing their belly along with their limbs and claws is a defensive move that shows potential enemies.

4. Let me scratch…cats do that

Image Credits: Katespetcorner

Cats scratch for two reasons: either they want to mark their territory or to stretch (to remain graceful). The fact is not to declaw them because it’s similar to cutting a human’s fingers. Buy a scratching rug instead to please them.

5. Cats hate baths…because they bathing themselves

Image Credits: Thedodo

It is said that cats are control freaks and like to have four feet on a solid surface and don’t like at all the sensation of floating. And cats are born with essential grooming tools: paws, rough tongue and saliva.

6. Don’t panic if they bring you dead animals at home

Image Credits: Craked

Researchers found a reason for this: they imitate mama cat or they bring dead animals as a gift for you because they aren’t ingrates and want to return their favor for feeding them daily.

7. They meow because they want to tell you something

Image Credits: Youtube

Cats want something when their meowing and if you meow back this doesn’t mean they can understand you. Cats use different meows and an owner can identify when a cat is hungry, hurt or bored. Kittens meow differently and they’re calling their mama.

8. Cats love being naked

Image Credits: Xojane

We all buy different clothing items for our pets but only dogs need to be dressed up because they don’t have so much fur and they get cold. But cats have plenty of hair and keep them warm.

9. Don’t blame humans who love cats

Image Credits: Vetstreet

It is said that people who love cats are obsessive and antisocial shut-in. Well, isn’t true they are very selective and well-mannered and graceful.

10. No hugging for me, thanks

Image Credits: Youtube

Even if cats are soft and good-looking they don’t like to be picked up and hugged. Especially when they’re eating or sleeping. Cats don’t understand human affection and they show their love with a head butt, face rub or leg rub.

11. Cats stop, drop and roll for a reason

Image Credits: Mari-ghostly

They want to draw attention. Just take a closer look when they do this…probably when you’re on your computer, on your phone or when you’re trying to leave the house.

12. Pay attention to non-stop meowing

Image Credits: Iticogih

If some cats don’t stop from meowing you should see a vet because there is a problem and they are actually crying…or simply they beg for attention, if you’re gone all day.

13. ”Cats business” outside the box

Image Credits: Belmontpethospital

Another health problem like UTI. That’s why you should change the litter daily.

14. Kneading their paws in the “owner”

Image Credits: Boredomtherapy

Another sign of affection. Cats want to return the affection you are showing them but they actually don’t know it hurts.

15. Rubbing their heads against you

Image Credits: Boredomtherapy

When a cat does this they’re marking you as one of their own. Congrats, you’re family.

16. Look at me, I’m purring

Image Credits: Boredomtherapy

This means that they’re very happy with you and with whatever you’re doing.

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