9 Hairstyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Trying to look younger is a common issue these days among women. All females are trying different remedies and tricks to subtract a few years from the life bouquet. Beside all these natural remedies, you can do magic by changing your hairstyle. In this article we’ll present 9 of the most common hairstyle mistakes that age you.

Not updating your style

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Sometimes we fall into hairstyling habits and wear the same haircut for years. This can make you look older than you really are. Hairstylists think that changing your hairstyle every decade, not necessary cutting it short, will make you look younger.

Blunt bangs

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Well, they are trendy this year but it may look a little bit harsh. Many women want it to cover their forehead wrinkles but instead choosing this thick and straight bangs it’s better to opt for light and wispy bangs.

Severe cuts

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For a young and fresh look you must avoid bold and blunt cuts. It’s better to choose layering haircuts that lighten up your face and make you look younger.

Flat, dry hair

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As we get older, our hair tend to grow drier, flatter and duller but if we use the right styling products our hair could look bouncy and soft.

Dark hair color

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Hair dye helps you to cover up aging signs but if you dye it too dark will make you look even older. Instead, choose a sort of multi-tonal variations, such as face-faming highlights.

Too much heat

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Using a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron regularly you can damage your hair. And damaged hair can make you look older. Fortunately there are a lot of hairstyling products that can protect your hair from heat, not making it look dull and frizzy.

Get rid of split ends

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With age your hair becomes dryer and brittle leading to pesky split ends and this may lead to an older look. So, every six to eight weeks you should freshen up your ends and keep your hair look healthy.

Too stiff hair

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Too much hairspray can help you, it’s true, keeping a long-lasting hairstyle but using too much may look your hair look stiffed. It’s better to use a spray that offers more flexible hold and leaves your looks shiny.

Placing your part in the wrong spot

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This little thing can take years off your look. It’s better to choose a slight, off-center side part, rather than parting either too far from the left or the right. Not to mention straight in the middle.

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