15 Terrariums With Succulents

Do you want to decorate your home with plants but you just do not like those big plants that occupy more space and require lot of attention? Well, these terrariums have a great visual impact, plus it does not require a lot of work. Check out these 15 ideas on how to arrange them.

1.Wine Glass Terrariums
Got any old glasses of wine, you still do not want to throw; well it looks like you’ve found a use. If you want to have a special plant to your house or your office you have to try to make this arrangement. Little skill and some imagination, and you will manage to do something great. See full tutorial here.

2.Diy Succulent Terrarium in a SNAP
Do you have an aquarium, but you don’t have a fish? Then you need to bring a little nature to your house, and it is so easy to make a terrarium. It will be very nice in your kitchen window. It does not require much attention, if a little watered once a week, everything will be perfect. See details here.

3. Glass Etched Terrarium For Mom
If you want to offer a small gift to your mother, simply to cheer her up a little, try making yourself an endearing gift. You do not need too many things, but to not cause too much trouble, to upset her while trying to cheer her. See how you can work and watch the entire tutorial here.

4. DIY French Press Terrarium
You want to have something special in the kitchen countertop or at the windows. Well this terrarium in a French press clearly is going to be at the right place in your kitchen. You need a few things, you can see clearly in the picture, but also inspiration, if you want to look different. If you want details, you will find them here.

5. Diy Spring Terrarium
This time we have nothing natural, but this idea is very cool. In this case you do not even need to water plants. So if you want to do something easy but also beautiful, try this terrarium by accessing this link.

6. Shell-Potted Succulents
This is really interesting and beautiful. Maybe something that requires more attention to creation, but the visual effect is very nice and pleasant. I struggle a bit but it is worth it. Do more such shells and put them in an aquarium and see how beautiful they look. See what you need to do these small, small arrangements by accessing this link.

7. Terrarium Rings

Now it gets interesting. A ring with plants inside, this is a special accessory not exactly for the house; it is an accessory that you will wear every day. Clearly, the plants are not natural, but the visual impact for others it will be very interesting. You need to try to do this accessory. Here you will find all the details.

8. Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb

Here’s something very funny and easy. You do not see very often such arrangements and neither bought, these are not found everywhere, but you can make you own terrarium. Small, discreet and nice. Here you can find all the steps to make yourself a beautiful terrarium in a light bulb.

9. Diy Eggshell Planters

You made a cake and you have pretty much egg shells. Look how you can do a little garden with those. The picture above perfectly illustrates what I mean. Use the egg shells to plant small plants in them, so you will have a glass casing filled with egg plants. Here you will find all details and instructions.

10. Lightbulb Terrarium
Also a bulb, just that you can hang it anywhere you want, being made vertical not horizontal, you can even put it in the car, to have your little garden to look at every day. Check out here everything about this accessory.

11. Diy Book Planter
Do you have old books that nobody wants? Well, look what a beautiful art you can make with them, with no problem. Carefully cut out the middle of the book, seal well the interior, put the soil, flower, and you’re ready, you have the most beautiful potted flowers. Check out here the entire tutorial.

12. DIY Succulent Table
It is not a small DIY, nor a terrarium, but it looks so good you can’t help yourself. It is very easy to make, so I included it here. If you don’t believe me go here and see for yourself all the details and instructions.

13. Mini planters from wine corks
It is so small you will think you can’t do it. But look how cute it is, think about how simple it is, you only need wine corks and plants, and you will make something extraordinary. Check out this tutorial, by accessing this link.

14. TerrariuM-ANIA!
With any plate, you can make a small terrarium. With a little imagination, some plants and some confidence, you can make a perfect arrangement. Also, a little effort is required but I think you’ve got it cover, ha ha! Check here the details.

15.Cut off Bottle Terrarium


You can also use glass bottles too to make a terrarium. Well it as easy as in other cases, I only missed one detail, the bottle should not have a neck, it’s harder with the ones that have a neck, but you do not know until you try. All the details you can find here.


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