This man drank his coffee with salt his whole life. Only after his death, his wife learned that he did this for her

He met her at a party. It was wonderful. It was so extraordinary that many men courted her. He was … normal, a simple man who did not attract attention.

At the end of the party, he made the courage to invite her for coffee. She was very surprised, but being polite, she accepted.

They were sitting in a cafe; he was very excited to say something to entertain the discussion. She did not feel too comfortable and in her mind she thought, “Lord, I should’ve stayed at home.”

Suddenly, he called the waiter and said, “Can you get me some salt? I would like to put some in the coffee”. Everybody in the cafe turned their heads to the man who asked for salt in his coffee. How strange!

The waiter came back with salt. He slowly put salt in his coffee while her cheeks reddened.

She dared to ask: “What’s with this weird hobby?” He left his cup down and said: “In my childhood, I lived by the sea. I love to play in water, to feel the salty taste. Now, every time I drink coffee with salt I think of my childhood, the city where I was born, and my parents”. The last words brought her in tears.

She was impressed by this gesture. He said that only a good man may feel homesick and missing his parents. A man “of the house”. She then opened her soul and she told him about her childhood town where she grown, about her family.

He was relaxed and in the end, they had an interesting discussion, a successful date. They continued to see each other in the coming months. She discovered that he is an interesting man who meets all the qualities she sought in the ideal man: he was affectionate, warm, loving, and intelligent. She missed him when he was gone. It all started from a coffee with salt.

Like any good story of love, the princess married the prince and lived happily ever after. And each time she made coffee for her prince, she added a little salt because she knew exactly how he liked it.

After 40 years, he passed away and she found a letter from him. The letter said:

“My dear,

Please forgive me! Forgive me! In my life, I lied once, regarding the coffee with salt. Remember when we first met? I was so shy and nervous that I asked for salt instead of sugar. I did not know how to hide my mistake so I lied. I felt you start to open to me and I perpetuated a lie. I tried to tell you the truth many times, but I was afraid. But we promised when we got married I will not lie to you ever. Now, on my deathbed, I am not afraid anymore. I do not like coffee with salt. It’s horrible! But I drank it every day. But I don’t ever regret it. I knew that was the best thing in my life. If I could turn back in time, I would do all the same; I’d still drink coffee with salt, if I knew you will be by my side”.

Tears flowed down her cheeks. Years later, her grandchildren asked her, “How does coffee tastes with salt?”. She answered honestly: “It’s sweet!”

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