24 Ingenuous Camping Hacks That Might Ease Your Trip

Do you want to be a happy camper and ease your trip? Try these wise camping tricks and tips, very useful for you and your family. Also, you’ll have a great weekend in the woods without missing home too much.

Wrap duct-tape around your water bottle in case of emergency

Image Credits: Briangreen

Carry the same things in your backpack, effortlessly.

Match Holder

Image Credits: Craftaholicsanonymous

Keep your matches safe and store them in ingenuous match box.

Scrambled Eggs In Plastic Bottle

Image Credits: LifeHacker

Eat scrambled eggs in the morning by preparing them from home.

Pack your belongings wisely

Image Credits: Historiadelosscouts

Save some space from your backpack by packing your daily camping outfit like this.

Travel spices in tic-tac boxes

Image Credits: Seattlesundries

Spice your goodies even when your camping.

Fire starters

Image Credits: Sewmanyways

Recycle one cardboard and fill each egg cup with one brickette.

Orange Candles

Image Credits: Instructables

Make some citrus scented candles.

Stop itching with deodorant

Image Credits: Wikihow

Mosquitoes bites can be very itching but you can stop this when your camping by adding some deodorant.

Waterproof your shoes

Image Credits: Brit

Easy trick: just some lip balm and you can keep your feet safe even on a rainy day.

Outdoor kitchen organizer

Image Credits: Howdoesshe

Well, who knew that a shoe organizer can be so helpful in the kitchen. 🙂

iPhone speakers

Image Credits: Lifecheating

Still want to hear the news daily or just listening to some music, improvise these speakers.

Tin can grill

Image Credits: Dianthomas

Creative way to make a grill in the wilderness.

Use sage as a mosquito repellent

Image Credits: Gardentherapy

Sage is great in keeping mosquitoes away from your tent.

Coffee bags

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

Place a scoop of coffee into a coffee filter and tie it with dental floss.

Portable fire starters

Image Credits: Arsspiritus

Make some portable fire starters from cotton pads by dipping them into wax.

Special tool for hot dogs

Image Credits: Upcountry

Prepare your hot dogs all at once with this leaf rake.

Fill the entire tent with ambient light

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

Point a head light into a jug of water and create the perfect ambient light in your tent.

Soap leaves

Image Credits: Asubtlerevelry

Create single soap leaves from a soap bar by peeling it through a vegetable peeler.

Foam floor tiles

Image Credits: Alittlecampy

Create the perfect environment in your tent with these foam tiles to keep you warm.

Plastic bottles lid capsules

Image Credits: Briangreen

Store different little things in those capsules.

Turn a bottle into a spoon

Image Credits: Lifehack

Forgot your spoon at home…don’t panic, just cut a plastic bottle and make a spoon.

Use duct-tape to close a wound

Image Credits: Thesurvivaldoctor

Close a wound, after you’ve cleaned it with duct-tape. You’ll prevent infection this way.

Cook eggs in foil dishes

Image Credits: Familybreakfinder

Don’t give up eggs if you don’t have a frying pan…use foil dishes…yummy.

Cook with foil

Image Credits: Survivallife

It’s easier to cook like this in the wild.

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