30 True Facts About The Libra Personality

They keep prying eyes away from their personal life, so never assume you know them very well. You know only the part that they reveal it to you.

Once you have betrayed them, you will never regain their confidence.

No matter how many times you ensure a Libra that you are OK, she will not cease to worry until she is 100% sure that you’re fine.

They are good at subtle insults, using beautiful words.

They are very intuitive, they see the true character of a man from the first meeting.

They can not control the facial expression when something disturbs them.

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Although they may bear great pain inside, they will always wake up with a smile on the face every morning.

They can’t have only one hobby. They love to experiment lots of things.

They are the kind of person that when they do something for someone, they don’t expect anything in return.

When they are upset or have a bad mood, they will never bother others.

Libras are crazier than you would be tempted to believe. Not everything is milk and honey regarding their personality.

They love to socialize, but also the loneliness.

There are so charming that you will not even realize when they will hypnotize you to do something for them.

The quickest way to annoy a Libra is to avoid answering to a burning question.

Libras loves music and add new songs to their playlist every day.

They strongly believe in Karma. They try to do good things to others.

There are generally admired and many people like to be like the Libras.

They do not like to be compared with others.

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Their mind is creative, innocent and independent.

Libras love to laugh.

They don’t fall for anyone, they have very high and well established standards.

Libras become very sarcastic when dealing with idiots.

Libra natives can give the wrong impression of flirting when they’re just trying to be friendly.

One of the greatest qualities of the Libras is that they are open-minded.

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Libras prefer to be hated for what they are than to be loved for what they are not.

You seduce them with good conversation and if you can make them laugh.

They are perfectionists in certain situations.

Libras love to go shopping more than any other zodiac sign.

They show happiness and positive energy – things they attract like a magnet.

They are very confident and aware of their beauty.

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