How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

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Training your cat to walk on a leash it can be a very hard task for every cat owner, but here we’ve gather some useful tips to ease your job and spend some quality time in the nature with your favorite pet.

Image Credits: Adventurecats

1 First, buy a comfortable harness with a secure clip and don’t use a collar because they may escape from it and lose your cat.

Image Credits: Adventurecats

2 Place the leash near cat’s sleeping area and leave there for several days. This way the cat will get used with its appearance and smell.

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3 Place the harness before the mealtime and you should comfortably slip two fingers between the harness and cat’s skin.

Image Credits: Cascadiannomads

4 Then fed the cat and praise him after he finished.

Image Credits: Wahinemalihini

5 Let him wear the harness around the house and if it doesn’t bother him start playing with him and his favorite toy.

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6 After it got used with the harness take it off.

Image Credits: Kittyholster

7 Repeat steps 3-6 for several days and leave the harness on longer.

Image Credits: Purrfectdesign

8 Attach the leash on the harness and walk the cat around the house, watching carefully her moves.

Image Credits: Hoosierhomemade

9 Praise him for being a good cat and give him some cat treats.

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10 Repeat steps 8 and 9 for a few days until the cat gets used with the harness and leash.

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11 Take the cat out for a walk, and let her walk around as usual and fallow him. Don’t restrict cat’s movements and loosen up the leash. Practice this step for a few days.

Image Credits: Dilamilin710

12 Teach the cat to follow you by talking to him friendly, not yelling and lightly pull the lead. Leash-training should be a pleasure for the cat not an adversarial one.

Image Credits: Etsy

13 Move outdoors but do it gradually by taking your first excursion in your backyard then move into a quit area.

Image Credits: Boltandkeel

14 Increase, then cat’s exposure with sounds, sights and other smells. They get scared very easy because they aren’t used with much noise.

Image Credits: Lecatts

15 This is a tip for you, cat owner: buckle up with lots of patience and stay tuned on your cat’s reactions and let her learn in peace. If it’s a struggle for your cat…leave the training and start again after a few days because you’ll lose the battle if you’re stubborn.

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