Top 18 Dumbest Inventions Ever!

Albert Einstein said that: “If at first the idea isn’t absurd, then there is no hope for it.” And these weird inventions seem to confirm this quote.

Human imagination has no boundaries and some of the inventions we’ve selected will definitely shock even the most creative persons among us. Some of these inventions are not only bizarre but also useless.

Image Credits: Emorfes

Beauty micrometer, 1934, analyzed facial flaws for makeup.

Image Credits: Jalopnik

Gas-powered roller skates

Image Credits: Planetacurioso

Baby stroller created by an inventor in 1921 with radio transmitter

Image Credits: Xfinity

Rainy day cigarette holder, 1954

Image Credits: Dailyscene

Poker face mask

Image Credits: Genial.Guru

Dimple machine

Image Credits: Fitiesweb

Rat detector

Image Credits: Esinsolito

Baby suspender, hanging on mom and dad

Image Credits: Viralnova

Awkward dryer

Image Credits: AncientOrigins

TV glasses

Image Credits: AncientOrigins

Dog holder

Image Credits: AncientOrigins

Portable sauna

Image Credits: Touchofadream

Shower cap

Image Credits: Flickriver

Cigarette holder, to smoke more cigars at once

Image Credits: Humorsharing

Suspended baby cage

Image Credits: Weirdretro

The Isolator Helmet, a dispositive to avoid sounds and focus better

Image Credits: 9gag

Egg Cuber for those who wanted to eat square eggs

Image Credits: Trend-chaser

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