20 Wise Advice From A 50 Year Old Woman

A 50 year old woman, after her life experience and proud of her achievements want to share with others a few tips. She thinks that any woman should know this and what it’s really necessary to cherish.

Love and accept yourself fully

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Once you learn to love you as you are, you’ll also know how to accept the others. This thing is very important in any healthy relationship.

Get spiritual rich

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Try different activities until you’ll discover something that makes you feel free and inspired.

Seek for the closer ones support

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Some people try to solve their problems alone, without even hope for a little help from someone. But later, I realized that having friends and relatives who can support me in all aspects of life, is very important.

Be honest

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Sometimes when you encounter difficulties, you choose to wear a “smiling mask” and behave as nothing happened. Only some close friends really knew what I’m dealing with. Honesty is the best policy, however, but to reveal your problems to others is proof of authenticity.

Live for yourself, not for others

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Remember: you can’t please everybody. Stay honest to yourself, take decisions that makes you happy and you’ll be surprised how these decisions will make life easier.

Don’t compromise often

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We all have different desires and needs, so compromise is adjacent to our relations. But remember, to compromise is good as long as it comes from both sides. If you always put others’ interests first and not yours, then it’s time to ask yourself this question: this relationship deserves to be kept?

Travel more

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Money helps us buy things, but not memories. If anyone would’ve realized this sooner, I’m sure that they wouldn’t spent money on useless things and they would’ve travel more. Trips make you feel safe and you’ll understand how different life is in other corners of the world.

Don’t worry too much

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What it’s meant to happen, it will, without your involvement. When she stopped worrying about anything her stress level decreased dramatically.

Don’t compare yourself with others

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Once you start walking on such road you won’t find a way back. “I often catch myself comparing my life to others, and when I do I start a list in my mind of things that I’m grateful for. This helps me redirect my thoughts. “

Give up expectations

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“I’ve always thought that I’m a princess and dreamed of a handsome prince who will lead me into his beautiful castle and then live happily ever after. This hardly had anything to do with my real life. After the second marriage failed, I gave up waiting for some magic in my life and I began to enjoy what I had. Once you understand that you can dream your life you begin to live your life fully.”

Live to work, don’t work to live

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If I could take it over again, I would’ve tried different jobs until I would’ve found the one that suits me best. Once you find a career path you want to follow all your life, you’ll understand that living for work makes sense. That means you love and respect your choices. Many people are stuck in jobs they hate, just to survive.

Save your money

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Save money while you’re young and still can work. When we look in our parents pockets it’s better to assure a safe withdrawal from a financial standpoint. Life changes constantly and always will be changes and changes. To save money is the smartest thing you can do.

Help others as much as you can

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You can do absolutely everything you want to help more. You can become a volunteer, donate or help your friends when their going through difficult times. When you do something for others you’ll forget about your problems for a while. Doing this wholeheartedly, without expecting a reward, you’ll see how much it improves your life.

Forgive yourself then you can forgive others

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I was angry and upset for a long time, blaming others for my problems. Later, I realized that my inability to forgive me and others for past mistakes, affected my present dramatically. Then I decided to change. To let go of the past was not easy and it took me some time, but the feeling of freedom that I won after this process has been amazing. So I discovered how beautiful life really is.

Ignore negative people

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Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of negative people, whether they are colleagues or family. But you can always choose the right friends around which to sit and spend your quality time. To set up some specific limits to self-protect from certain people will help you subtract the negative impact and improve your life.

Refusing doesn’t have to be explained or justified

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No need to explain why you refused to do anything for anyone. If you are confident in your NOT, other people will accept your decisions easier.

17. Choose your life partner with caution

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“I am divorced. It’s hard to admit, but I know now what I want and need from a relationship. It’s easy to let ourselves be swept away by feelings and emotions. I thought it was the best decision to accept his proposal. I hoped that things would turn meantime. And yes, things have changed, but worse. If you don’t think your relationship will last, you should ask yourself if this is the best partner for you. There no time like the present.”

Stop and enjoy the little things in life

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In this technological era it seems increasingly difficult to enjoy the simple things in life. But it’s a cinch: take a walk home and enjoy the sunset, or a bird singing in the morning. Stop and absorb the fragrance of a flower.

Don’t worry about others opinion

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Be yourself and stop doing things to please others.

Accept changes

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When I was younger I thought that this would be predictable and stable. I wasn’t ready for major changes in life. Now I know that nothing can be more beautiful than constantly changing days.

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