16 Creative Ways To Use The Space Under The Stairs

Often you have the feeling that your house is crowded and don’t have any idea where to deposit your belongings? Shape the experience of the interior space through the manipulation of special volume and use wisely your “empty” space from your home. A terrific idea is to use the space under your staircase not only as a wardrobe. There are different ways to use your free space and create the perfect environment in your home.

1. Cozy Reading Nook

Image Credits: Creativewallcoverings

Grab your favorite book and enjoy a fairy trip through your book in this little and quiet spot.

2. Mini Bar/Winery

Image Credits: Architectureartdesigns

Start a collection of wine bottles and deposit it in this impressive mini-bar.

3. TV Area Or Tiny Living-room

Image Credits: Ownatree

Extend your living room and relax watching your favorite show on TV.

4. This Is What We Call A Man’s World

Image Credits: Allione-architecture

Your husband will be very happy if you dedicate this place for him.

5. Modern And Creative Shelves

Image Credits: Beeinghome

On the other hand you can put some shelves and create the family corner.

6. Jacuzzi- The Meditation Pool

Image Credits: Observer

We absolutely adore this under the stairs idea!

7. Bookshelf And Reading Area

Image Credits: Upvisually

Make yourself cozy in the rainy autumn days and “hide” in this bright corner of your house.

8. Wine-Cellar->definitely, under the stairs area is designed for men

Image Credits: Inexposed

Every men should have his own place in the house…be a wonderful wife and create this place for his wine collection.

9. Waterfall Inside Your Home

Image Credits: Interiordesignarticle

It might not be Niagara but it’s definitely a piece of Heaven here.

10. White Open Shelves

Image Credits: Architat

This year white is very trendy in what concerns home decorations ideas.

11. Classy Mini Bar

Image Credits: Littlepieceofme

Invite your friends over and serve their favorite drink from this awesome mini-bar.

12. 60 Inch Kitchen

Image Credits: Ths.gardenweb

Small house? This shouldn’t be a problem because a 60″ kitchen should be enough for you.

13. Forever Summer In Your Home

Image Credits: Thelennoxx

Stop waiting for the summer and make a shiny place at home.

14. Wooden Open Shelves And Nook Zone

Image Credits: Homedesign

This modernist area will offer a cozy place to read your favorite book.

15. Creative Water Fountain

Image Credits: Irwinweiner

Nature lover? Well you can bring a piece of nature inside your house.

16. Beautiful Traditional Living-room

Image Credits: Houzz

Take a look back in ’79.

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