15 Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas For A Warm Winter

Nothing is more pleasant and powerful as the open fire. Everyone who has a fireplace at home can sustain that. It brings warmth and coziness to the entire ambiance and it’s the place where everybody gathers around to enjoy some quality time with family members. So, we’ve collected 15 most wonderful fireplace design ideas to add some charm to your house.

1. Quality stone fireplace

Image Credits: Freshhome

This fireplace, build with high quality stone and shelves above the fire sends you back in time.

2. Wide open fireplace

Image Credits: Artgallery

This fireplace is the central piece of your home.

3. Rustic fireplace design

Image Credits: Ahigo

In love with rustic style? Then you should make such a fireplace.

4. House’s heart fireplace

Image Credits: Maginteriors

If the house had a heart, this fireplace would definitely be the one.

5. Art stone fireplace

Image Credits: Aidahomes

Hard stone fireplace and decorated with a piece of art creates the perfect ambiance for a lazy Sunday.

6. Modern and neat stone fireplace

Image Credits: Sparkfires

Modern house with modern elements? Then you should introduce in your home this nice fireplace.

7. Stone fireplace with traditional side lights

Image Credits: Hubush

Who said that a fireplace should be only in living rooms? You can easily place one in your bedroom.

8. DIY stone fireplace

Image Credits: Valiet

With a bit of spare time and hard work you can do this fireplace all by yourself.

9. Hard stone fireplace

Image Credits: Goldforgardens

Looks exactly like an English home perfect for 5 o’clock tea.

10. Unique curved fireplace

Image Credits: Whitehousehold

This curved fireplace decorated with pillows aside seems to be the best place for relaxing a little bit.

11. All stone wall with fireplace incorporated

Image Credits: Inhabitat

Looks like a castle, not like a little house but the idea is awesome for a fireplace.

12. Sleek stone ornament for fireplace

Image Credits: Gtrinity

Open fire with stone wall creates the perfect fireplace where you can spend time with your beloved ones.

13. Topazmusic fireplace

Image Credits: Thisforall

Neat and warm design for this fireplace.

14. ”Masterstone” fireplace

Image Credits: Theownerbuildernetwork

A real masterpiece of stone fireplace.

15. Hobbit fireplace

Image Credits: Goodshomedesign

Create “The Lord of the Rings” ambiance inside your home.

Image Credits: Dumpaday

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