12 Best DIY Fall Craft Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Ideas for autumn decorations are endless. But we gathered a few fall decorations that you can do with your kids. You can create different figurines. Ask your kids to go out and collect material for their new creations. They can collect chestnuts, acorns and yellow leaves. This way you’ll interact with your kids and they’ll have a great time creating home decorations.

1. Pumpkins from a dryer vent

Step-by-step here: Adiamondinthestuff

Cheap and easy to create such pumpkin. And your kids will enjoy all the process.

2. Bowl from autumn leaves

Step-by-step here: Hellolucky

Collect your belongings in a colorful bowl.

3. Reversible pallet: Scarecrow and Snowman

Step-by-step here: Etsy

This cute decoration can be used in winter too, with Frosty on the other side.

4. Outdoor pumpkin craft

Step-by-step here: Thestonybrookhouse

Create a big pumpkin man from plastic bags.

5. Dead nature decorations

Step-by-step here: Sistersknowbest

Handmade flowers from autumn leaves.

6. Wooden Owl

Step-by-step here: Houseofhawthornes

This wooden owl is very nice to decorate your porch.

7. Cinnamon sticks candle holders

Step-by-step here: Homestoriesatoz

Easy to create and it will smell like…fall.

8. Leaf mason jars

Step-by-step here: Sparkandchemistry

This leaf mason jars are great as candle holders.

9. Scarecrow wreath

Step-by-step here: Etsy

How would this look like on your door?

10. Another cute scarecrow

Step-by-step here: Projects.hobbylobby

Outdoor or indoor terracotta scarecrow…which is actually very friendly. 🙂

11. Funny figurines made from chestnuts and acorns

Image Credits: Abendblatt

Collect all autumn “goodies” and create this little funny figurines.

12. Prehistorical bird made also from chestnuts and acorns

Image Credits: Tinymini

Jurassic Park inside your home. 🙂

Image Credits: MarthaStewart

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