10 Important Things To Be The Best Employee

Whether you start your first job or lead a team is good to know that everyone appreciates certain qualities of their employees and colleagues.

1. Say “YES”

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A positive attitude is always an important quality in a company. Positive people can take over any task, even the most mundane and boring ones with a confident attitude. At the end of the day, what would you choose: to be in the “No” team where any idea is just “no good” or in the “yes” team which believe there is a way to solve or improve any situation?

2. Be innovative

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One of the most important things is to know how to think always in an innovative way. The key is to think to all possibilities a problem can be solved. Whether you just start your job or already you’re working for years, learn to perform duties with care and to solve them in a creative way, even the most difficult ones.

3. Communicate information such way to reach both your boss and colleagues

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Nobody likes to chase after information, whether it’s your boss, who asks about a task that you had to take or other colleagues who want to know what’s new in the project you’re working together. Make a good deed and share information as soon as you can. People often wonder if they should announce just when the task was finished or when they are sure of the information. This can be a huge mistake. You may be thinking that you shouldn’t waste your colleague’s time telling nonsense, but the truth is that if you constantly inform them of project’s status, they’ll know how to organize their work.

4. Think before the rest or 5 minutes smarter

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If you are the assistant manager or just the newest and youngest member of the team, the ability to anticipate your boss’s needs -to know when to send a bottle of champagne to a costumer after the project ended – is priceless. To think one step ahead the others will help your career. Always be careful to people and their habits. If you are an experienced employee, paying attention will help you manage everything from people to projects. You may notice, for example, that one person from your team needs a positive feedback to be happy and productive, so it’s good to give them verbal recognition. Or, if you find that a particular aspect of a project require more time, you can change the working schedule to provide extra space and to avoid missing the deadline. The best part is that you need to pay attention. People are so busy today that no longer notice the details.

5. Don’t share too much – even if boss or colleagues do

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One of the strangest things you’ll learn as an assistant is that you learn a lot about your boss’s personal life. Even if your job is not necessarily personal assistant, you’ll still find plenty of intimate things. Because of this, you shouldn’t share to anyone what you know. In cigarette breaks don’t tell your colleagues your boss’s “business” or your personal life. Always keep a limit in conversations at work.

6. Ask efficient questions

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It’s absolutely normal to ask questions at your workplace. However make sure you’re informed before you ask a question and write down the answers not to be forced to ask again. The key is to ask proper questions and to be ready for answers. Also, as a beginner, programs and procedures may seem difficult, so prepare always your notes.

7. Don’t be afraid of “no”

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You mustn’t be afraid of ,, no “. You’ll hear it many times in your career and is ok. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that your idea isn’t good, but simply might not be suitable in that particular moment or should be slightly modified. However, you must not give up expressing an opinion – it’s an important issue that can really help you in your career.

8. Absorb all the information like a sponge

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Information is the key that’s why the best employees always read everything related to their work – books, magazines or blogs. To know very well the industry you work in is very important. You should search anywhere for information, even in social media, and always select what you find essential. Also try to go to any event, if you can. This way you’ll meet new people and you’ll create new connections.

9. Don’t ever present a problem without a solution

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Your boss will be at least 75% less worried about a problem, if you tell him also a viable solution. Even if your idea isn’t used in the end, the simple fact you thought to a solution will improve the situation a lot. If you come with solutions you show that you care, that you can think strategically and work in a team – and these are very important qualities!

10. Never, but never say: “that’s not my job”

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One of the best things when you set up your own company is that you can create a company culture from scratch. It’s always better to be helpful, even if it means doing things that you don’t necessarily have to do. If you work in a team, make sure that all members are responsible and ready to do anything to solve the company’s problems.

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