8 Clever Ways To Reduce Stress And Be Happy

Many diseases can be triggered because of stress, therefore, try to keep it away as much as possible, so you’ll maintain and improve your health and you’ll be happier.

1. Choose the right social support

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Scientists believe that a great way to relieve stress is to talk with a friend. But be careful to choose a supportive person to share your problems with. When you trust someone enough and decide to share your problems and the answer you get is “I told you so!” Certainly with this attitude you’ll receive not even a pinch of supportiveness. You need someone to listen to you, to improve your state of mind and make you forget about your problems. If you’re surrounded by negative friends would be a smart choice to give up meeting them, because you’ll convey to you their condition.

2. Exercise with a friend

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Substances responsible for wellbeing, such as dopamine, which brain releases when we exercise, are a good stress antidote. Ask a friend to join you at the gym or jogging in the park, thus you won’t give up exercising and you’ll motivate each other.

3. Start using food supplements

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In stressful periods, vitamins B and C, magnesium and tyrosine (an amino acid that underlines dopamine) are all running low in your body. Food supplements should be consumed to improve our body condition.

4. Try to have a type B personality

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There are some people who are mentally more relaxed than the rest, these are the type B persons and generally suffer less from mental diseases. If you’re a type A, is not a problem, you can change this through careful meditation. This is a mixture of meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy, which will turn on your positive outlooks. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to focus on the present and not tomorrow.

5. Sleep whenever you can

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Lack of sleep makes us more vulnerable to stress. If stress makes its appearance when you are tired, your problems will be more pronounced and the panic feeling will embrace you immediately. Try to rest even if you don’t have much time. A nap can’t harm you.

6. Change your perspective

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Pessimism is the most harmful thing, ever! Generally, when you have negative thoughts, you only see the bad side of things and your looking to blame anyone. This way, certainly you won’t have good results. It’s like you’re pushing yourself into a depression. Try to detach yourself and analyze the problem from another angle. Try to be proactive.

7. Avoid food excess because of stress

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Stress can influence hunger hormones and therefore you’ll constantly eat. For this reason many people eat a lot, and generally, the food they consume is high in fats and sugar because it leaves you a good feeling afterwards. But beware! Stress can lead you very quickly to those extra pounds.

8. Volunteer

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It may sound strange to those who already have a busy schedule, but even volunteering can reduce stress. Studies show that helping those around you, you’ll get a good feeling and stress disappears instantly.

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