How To Improve Body Language In 18 Easy Steps

You’ll probably want to use your body language differently when you’re talking to your boss than when talking with friends or life partner. So, we’ve collected some information about some common interpretations of nonverbal language and there are several ways in which to communicate with your body.
To change your body language, first you must be aware of it. Notice the way you sit, or the way you place your hands and feet, and what you do when you talk to someone. You may want to practice in the mirror. Don’t worry, no one sees you!

1. Don’t cross your hands or feet

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You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t cross hands because you’ll look a defensive and closed person. The same thing happens with your feet.

2. Maintain eye contact

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If there are several people you are talking with in the same time, maintain eye contact for a few seconds with each of them to create a better connection and see if they listen to you. But if you overdo it, you might scare people, and if you don’t have visual contact at all, you seem insecure. Balance is the key here.

3. Don’t be afraid to take up some space

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If you sit down or stand up, don’t be afraid to spread your legs a little, to show self confidence and that you feel good about yourself.

4. Relax your shoulders

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When you feel tense, usually you maintain tension in the shoulders. Try to relax, shake your shoulders and move them back and forth.

5. Nod when someone talks to you

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Nod at least once to show that you listen. Take care not to overdo it, you’ll look silly.

6. Don’t sit hunched

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Stand straight, but relaxed in the same time. Take care not to be tense.

7. Lean a little

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If you want to show you’re interested in something, lean slightly toward the person who speaks. If you want to show you’re confident and relaxed, lean yourself a little in the back. If you overdo it, you’ll look arrogant and distant.

8. Smile and laugh

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Take it easy! Why so serious? Relax a little, smile and laugh when someone says something funny. People will be more likely to listen to you if you seem a positive person. But don’t be the first to laugh at your own jokes will make you look desperate. Smile when you’re introduced to someone.

9. Don’t touch your face

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It can make you look nervous or distract your listeners or people involved in the conversation.

10. Keep your chin up

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Don’t keep your eyes on the ground because you’ll look nervous and lost. Keep your chin up and eyes on the horizon.

11. Slow down a bit

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This advice can be applied to many things. If you slowly and gentle not only you’ll look more confident and calm, but you’ll feel less stressed. If someone addresses don’t turn suddenly your head in their direction.

12. Don’t beat your brains off

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Try to avoid rough movements which turned into tics already. You’ll look nervous again and you’ll not be able to focus on your activity. Try to relax a little bit.

13. Use your hands with self confidence

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Instead washing your hands with invisible soap or touching your face with them use your hands to communicate better what you want to convey. Use your hands to describe something or gesticulate what you want to argue. But don’t use your hands too much.

14. Hold your drinking hand down

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Don’t hold your drink in front of your chest. In fact, I don’t cover your face, because it makes you look reserved and distant. Hold your hand down and keep it next to your leg.

15. Take care of your spine

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Many people know they should have a good posture either they’re standing up or down. However, some people think their spinal ends where neck begins and tend to bend their head forward. Spinal ends in the back of your head so, correct your posture.

16. Don’t invade people’s personal space

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Everyone is scared of a person standing too close when they’re talking. Give people their personal space, do not invade.

17. Mirror mood: activated

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Often when you get along with someone, you’ll begin to copy his gestures, unconsciously. This means you reflect to each other body language. To enhance connection, try doing this consciously. For example, if he or she is leaning forward while talking, lean forward, too. But don’t do this instantly and don’t copy every single gesture. It will seem strange.

18. Positive attitude

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Last tip but not least, is to adopt a positive, open and relaxed attitude. Your state of mind will be sent to your body and this will make big difference.

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