5 Amazing Makeup Tricks To Burn Those Extra Years

With only one move you can rejuvenate your skin every morning, without going to a plastic surgeon. Follow this and you’ll burn instantly some extra years.

Ditch black eyeliner!

We all love eyeliner and we can’t imagine how would life would be without it! But, have you ever thought changing the notorious black eyeliner with a shade of brown? Warm brown undertones will be able to highlight your eyes in a subtle and clearer way, while black highlight your dark circles and shrinks your eyes. In addition, any product that has gray tones, ages! Including hair dye!

Take care of your eyebrows!

It seems that South Korea women discover the secrets of a youthful look! Across the world, arched eyebrows are a must have, but in Korea, women opt for a less contoured eyebrow where arching is almost nonexistent. This form offers a natural shape to your eyebrows and produces an anti-aging effect. Try a softer line and a gentle eyebrows arch, using your eyebrow pencil with a soft top.

Use primer!

To be honest, we all consider primer just another boring step in our beauty ritual. But we couldn’t be more wrong about this! It plays a major role, especially when it comes to aged and dull skin. A soft primer, waterborne, can be very helpful. Mix a small amount of primer with rose lipgloss and apply it on your cheekbones. Thus, you’ll get a really youthful look. Also, you can apply it after foundation.

Hydrate yourself … and then moisturize your skin!

When you’re preparing your skin for foundation, usually you use a moisturizer before makeup products, isn’t it? But we’ve found useful trick: apply some moisturizer after you’ve applied foundation. This way you’ll have a brighter look and your skin will enjoy an intense hydration and proper care.

5. Go Nude!

If you’re major problem is lack of fresh eyes look, don’t despair! Ditch white eyeliner which creates a retro look and buy nude eyeliner (yes there is!). Outline your eyes with it and they will look fresh and even bigger.

5 makeup tricks to burn those extra years

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