Top 20 Nail Polish Design Ideas For Short Nails

So, what if you have short nails? The better! You can create different nail designs, without going into beauty salons. And if you ever thought that you can go simple all the way if you have short nails, you’re wrong! I’ve collected 20 nail polish designs for short nails! Enjoy!

Navy friendly

Image Credits: Womenmakeup

Well, I tried this nail polish combination and it’s really awesome. And guess what? It’s easy to do as well with a bit of imagination.

Colorful geometrical shapes

Image Credits: Belasdicas

How about a funny combination of colors? I think with some skills and practice you can do this manicure at home.

Fairy love

Image Credits: Womenpulse

For sure I’m going to try this one. Those white details on a dark nail polish leave the impression of longer nails.

Luxurious 20’s

Image Credits: Nenuno

Meanwhile, nail patches will become your best friends if you want such manicure.

Black and white

Image Credits: Thenailasaurus

If you want to impress and you have plenty of time, try each nail a different model. The secret is to keep the same color palette.

Unfinished blue

Image Credits: Littlenails

This may seem a strange color match, blue and silver, but let’s face it: it looks delicate and interesting.

Milky Way

Image Credits: Stefaniegrace

Matte nail polish is one of my favorites…and black always will look stylish if you add some glitter in the upper part of the nail.

Sand-y shades

Image Credits: Fashionce

Be glamorous this autumn wearing this awesome nude & glitter combination.

Animal print

Image Credits: Instagram

At first this manicure seem odd but I must admit that nail patch with animal print it’s extremely interesting.

Egyptian symbols on your nails

Image Credits: Fitandbliss

Black and white will never get old. With some patience you’ll achieve this piece of art.

Nail dazzle

Image Credits: Allwomentalk

Young and restless? Why not, young and funny. Whenever I’m feeling sad this autumn I’m going to try this dazzling manicure.

Classy and simple

Image Credits: Nailpolishcanada

I choose this simple manicure for the most conservative ones. The plum color fits perfectly with the autumn décor. Tip: apply a coat after the nail polish dries to strengthen your nails.

Polka dots

Image Credits: Kellysecrets

Oh, what a beautiful shade of blue! You can highlight it with those white polka dots. It’s not the easiest manicure but I’m sure everyone will admire you.

Growing glitter

Image Credits: Buzz-nails

White and gold! Amazing seems to me…polish to impress on a night out.

Traditional motifs

Image Credits: Thenailasaurus

This is kind of difficult to do by yourself, especially if you have no patience or skills. An option is to use nail patches because they are available in a wide variety of designs and colors.

Snow globe nails

Image Credits: Instagram

Outdoor party? Try wearing on your nails these incredible shades of blue and glitter.

Shiny gray

Image Credits: Mariposasalon

Gray remains one of the most successful shades for the fall season. Wear it simple and your nails will look neat and glamorous.

Holly color festival on your nails

Image Credits: Inkyournail

Get a spectacular model by playing nice with colors. See the happiness on your nails.

Go black!

Image Credits: Fashionideaspk

This manicure is perfect for special events. A black, matte manicure turns spectacular if you add a touch of color with glittery accents.

Lady with red nails

Image Credits: Freshdesignpedia

The classic red nail polish it always looked perfect for short nails! This shade never goes out of style and it’s perfect for any woman.

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