10 Tricks To Feel 10 Years Younger

Age is just a number. Certainly there are some advantages coming with age: financial stability, experience, confidence and maturity. The days when we went out all night, eat a whole pizza and wake up early are long gone.
Here are some very simple tricks that will help you feel 10 years younger.

Get enough sleep

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What’s most important? Beauty sleep. Turn your cell phone and laptop off at least with an hour before falling asleep. You’ll wake up fresh and without dark circles.

Plan four major fun nights per year

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Go out at least once every three months – without exception. It’s time to go to a concert or to that cute restaurant everyone is talking about. Or get your tickets for a city-break next weekend!

Plan girls night out

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This has to happen besides those major nights out, mentioned above. Studies show that maintaining an active social life, lower blood pressure and reduce stress, preventing dementia this way.

Eat dessert for breakfast

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Eating sweets for breakfast the dopamine level will be higher, so try to replace plain yogurt with a slice of cheesecake, for example. Try doing this at least 2 times a week. What do you say?

Eat more berries

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Blackberries are very good because they have fewer calories and low sugar level, instead, they have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your skin and brain healthy.

Change your hairstyle

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Make some small or big changes regarding your look. Some bangs or dye your hair. Some hairstyles can wipe several years from your look.

Make a collection of your favorite songs

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Can be a normal playlist, but choose songs that remind you of proms, high school or college years. Have fun!


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Forget about gym. Take a run to the nearest park and do your exercises there. Climb up the rope, climb up on suspended bars suspended or ride a bike, pedaling fast. Don’t forget the music!

Invest in a good bra

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You know, one that suits you best. Will improve your self confidence and posture.

Visit your parents

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No matter how old you are (or how long it’s been since you left home). You can always return home, where Mom and Dad will treat you all as a child. You need this.

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