10 Most Important Things You Should Say To Your Kids

Parents don’t always realize the role and impact they have over their children’s development and evolution. Parents are the one whom guide their life. Children listen and store almost every word their parents are saying, so it better be some strong and positive wisdom words.
If you feel like you didn’t do everything as a parent, here’s how you can enrich your vocabulary and attitude so that your kids have a great and powerful life start.

You can start by telling the following things to your child:

1. “I like you”

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And this is something different from “I love you”. This implies you like and take him as he is. Use both “I love you” and “I like you”.

2. “You learn quickly”

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Learning is natural and kids are wonderful in doing this. Learning is a game to them. What you’re telling them now, will have a great impact over their lives. It’s better to learn now how to behave later in life.

3. “Thank you!”

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This simple courtesy is a sign of respect. Social skills are crucial in life and the best training for tact and grace begins early.

4. “How about we make a deal …”

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It’s about setting a few things for your family wellbeing. Having different “bargains” will help you avoid common pitfalls and know how to behave when there will be a problem.

5. “Tell me more”

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It’s a sentence that you say it to your kids so they can express their thoughts, feelings and ideas to you. Also, it involves the ability to listen, which is a gift, showing that you care.

6. “Let’s read”

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Reading to your child will only bring tones of benefits to your kid. It will help him building a few skills to succeed in life. It will make your relationship stronger and will teach you a love lesson. Books are the gate to the world: people, places and ideas.

7. “All wrong”

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Problems? It happens. Nobody is perfect. Facing problems and learning you’re your mistakes are vital skills in life. When you meet a moment in your life which it’s difficult to reach your own standards is the best opportunity to show your children how to be responsible for their mistakes and move forward.

8. “Sorry”

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It’s a thing you can learn to tell it. Even more, learn to control which later puts you in the “apologize” position.

9. “What do you think?”

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Asking for an opinion and give children a chance to take part in family conversations, allows them to practice the ability of taking decision and beginning to be responsible for their choices. Saying what you think and asking what you need are fundamental skills that serve children throughout their lives.

10. “Yes”

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While “no” is always a viable option, too often parents just wait to say “no”. If you create a “yes” family model, you’ll hate saying “no” anymore.

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