Top 18 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Hello there, future to be brides! I’m helping my future sister-in-law and believe me, she’s quite a bridezzila. Beside wedding decorations I have to take care of bridesmaids wedding outfit. Not to mention about the best men, but my brother says that he can handle it, so go ahead, dude! Well, I searched all over the internet to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses, and I want to share with you what I found. What can I say, she wants mismatched dresses, but like every bridezzila, at the same time she doesn’t know what she really wants. I so pity those bridesmaids, but it will be her special day after all, and has to be exactly how she imagined! And I’m being trilled to help her! Let’s see what I’ve found. 🙂 

1. Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Credits: Weddinggomania

I like these type of bridesmaid dresses, one of a kind, spreading colors around the wedding.

2. Go Short!


Image Credits: Fabulousfrocksbridal

Nice! If the wedding is in summer those tiny helpers can wear these beautiful dresses with different cuts and similar colors.

3. Gallant Dresses


Image Credits: Bellethemagazine

What do you say about these ones? I truly like those dresses, especially the color and each dress’s cutting is absolutely fabulous.

4. Dusty Colors


Image Credits: Everafterguide

Long dresses are extremely elegant and along with these dusty colors, will send you to an ingenue atmosphere.

5. Ladies In Red

Ruffled - photo by -

Image Credits: Ruffledblog

…are dancing with the grooms. Red is perfect for every skin color and I’m pretty sure bridesmaid will love it.

6. Boho Wedding


Image Credits: Weddingbee

You don’t like fairy tale weddings? Go Bohemian and pick for your bridesmaids dusty colors and flowered tiaras.

7. Classy And Sassy


Image Credits: Tulleandchantilly

Hello, it’s navy again! This time with long, vaporous dresses, and different cuts. Love it! And hope my sister-in-law will love it, too.

8. Different Top, Same Skirt


Image Credits: Thebridelink

Violet for bridesmaids is perfect. Strong color suitable for strong hearts!

9. Pale pink worn in different shapes


Image Credits: Loveandlavender

I absolutely adore this! Especially the one with that cute collar.

10. Back In 1965


Image Credits: Artofweddingspdx

I don’t know why but this weeding gowns remind me of that musical “The Sound of Music”. Plan a 60’s weeding and amaze your friends.

11. Fairy Tale Dresses


Image Credits: Circleofloveweddings

When I see so many beautiful dresses, I don’t know which one is the most beautiful…and yellow is my favorite color. Hope “my bride” will love these dresses too for her beautiful bridesmaids.

12. Mismatched colors, mismatched cuts


Image Credits: Bravobride

Simple and adorable! This is what it comes through my mind when I saw this dresses.

13. Marsala never gets old


Image Credits: Weddingswithyesenia

Mismatched tights and mismatched dresses…the color is fabulous and it fits great with the flower bouquet.

14. Let’s go, girls!


Image Credits: Brit

Found it! I’m sure these dresses are the right ones. Purple is her favorite color and they match perfectly with wedding venues.

15. Countrylous


Image Credits: Wedding3

Country wedding? They are trendy this season and look how beautiful the bride and her bridesmaids are. Choose a bandana and dusty, shiny shades for the dresses.

16. Coral Dresses


Image Credits: Angeeseventions

The color is very radiant and, like red, looks great no matter the skin color. This is a wise choice.

17. Colorful Mismatch


Image Credits: Thenaturalweddingcompany

Mismatched dresses and mismatched tights…but plenty of color symbolizes joy and madness. Perfect for a cheerful wedding.

18. The Same But…Not The Same!


Image Credits: Tulleandchantilly

Same, but different colors…anyone will notice the bridesmaids with this lovely dresses. Another good choice.

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