15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids

Even if it’s almost a month until Thanksgiving, we should start thinking all the details if we are hosting this year. It’s a time to be thankful and appreciate who you have and what you have. Gather whole family together to enjoy each other’s company. Also, I thought it should be great to ask your kids to help you…with decorations. This way, they’ll feel useful and ease your job a little bit. Searching on internet, I discovered these DIY craft tutorials and I want to be thankful to those who had the imagination in doing that…they really helped me!

1. Paper Role Apple Core

I bet my kids will enjoy doing this apple cores, and make jokes afterwards to their grandfather. I’m also sure your kids will enjoy, too and the whole DIY tutorial is here!

2. Beautiful Leaf Suncatchers


Wow! My kids will adore doing this “job”. They love gluing and sticking things around the house…but now, I got their attention with something useful. If you’re interested, dear mommy, click here for full tutorial!

3. Little Pumpkin Handprint Card


Hmmm, just curious? If we all ask our little terrorist to paint their hands, will they accept this “tempting offer”? Sure, they will! For now, they’ll be creative and it will be fun for them. Learn how, here!

4. Leaf Catcher


Ask them to help, and create a leaf catcher. This is a job for mommies, too…because if you write down some nice quotes, Thanksgiving will be funnier! Get tutorial here!

5. Handprint Turkey Hat


Funny! We’ll create some hats, too. When their cousin will come over for this year Thanksgiving, I’ll welcome them with some special Thanksgiving hats.

6. Paper Plate Pilgrim Crafts


Teach your kids about history, and this way will develop their personality. I say it’s a good thing and if you want more information, click here for whole tutorial!

7. Scrap Ribbon Pine Corn Turkey


Kids will enjoy doing this beautiful ornaments for Thanksgiving. Send them outside to look for pine corns and let their imagination do the rest of the job. Step-by-step tutorial, here!

8. Handprint Turkeys


Lack of imagination? Handprint some turkey paintings and glue them around the house. Your kids will be proud of their work and Thanksgiving ornaments are ready!

9. Paper Bag Scarecrow


This ornaments are great if you put in the bag some home herbs, and it will be the perfect air freshener around your house. Not to mention, if you put lavender, they are perfect to send moths away. Entire tutorial here!

10. Turkey Napkin Rings From Fingerprints


Definitely I’ll ask and help my kids to create this interesting crafts. My family will appreciate a lot all this hard work. They’ll ask for this “turkey napkin rings recipe”.

11. Mason Jar Turkey Craft


Place on the Thanksgiving table these mason jars, like kids to serve some homemade soda. It will be amusing and satisfied because it’s done by their own hands.

12. Corn Wreath


Give away the old wreath, let me guess it’s a pumpkin shape, and stick this “handmade by your own kids” wreath. Greet your family with this innovative craft.

13. Turkey Cone Craft


Send your kids to work…and they will truly enjoy it. Show them how to create these party hats for every member of your family. Is this a happy family reunion, or what?

14. Gobble, Gobble Globes


Just pop-up my mind how would these gobble globes would look on my Thanksgiving day table. Oh, I’m so doing this and why not ask my kids and husband to help me.

15. Turkey Napkin Rings


These napkin rings will look great on Thanksgiving Day table. Another craft idea and choose the one you like the most. I love these, too and I’ll decide with my kids which napkin rings go best.

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