10 Makeup Rules For A Natural Look

Sneak-a-peek through the trendiest daily makeup’s perfect to wear at the office.
Whether you choose a classic look (red lipstick will always be trendy) or a natural one. Here are a few options of daily makeup you can wear at the office this season.

A touch of gold

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When you are out of time, choose to wear an eye shadow to highlight your eyes beauty.

Shades of gray

Image Credits: Lexpress

Perfect makeup for this gloomy weather. Fade a bit the color to avoid looking older than you really are.

Classy look

Image Credits: Marieclaire

A touch of color on her cheeks and lips and easily long eyelashes with well defined eyebrows. You’ll show off for sure.

Excess eyeliner

Image Credits: Bombette

A delicate veil of foundation and focus on eye makeup! Abuse of black eyeliner and draw a long line and slightly upward.

Seductive eyelashes

Image Credits: Thefashionspot

Mascara is still the most powerful weapon for a cool daily makeup.

Nomakeup make-up

Image Credits: Magazinesdelledonne

It’s one of the most important beauty trends this season, and at the same time, the most difficult to make. If you have a perfect skin, then you’ll not have problems to achieve this look.

Smokey eyes

Image Credits: Elle

You already know the rule: if you choose a strong eye shadow, you should keep natural the rest of the makeup.

Well-defined eyebrows

Image Credits: Fashionising

Don’t ignore the important role of eyebrows in getting a trendy look.

A classic: red lipstick

Image Credits: Tres-click

We all know those days when we need to feel more confident. Well, for those days red lipstick was invented.

Focus on your lips

Image Credits: Twitter

Who says you should avoid bright lipstick colors in the middle of the day? No one! So, keep the rest of your makeup more natural and add a beautiful lipstick on.

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