10 Fascinating And Rare Historical Pictures You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Zoomzee collected 10 wonderful shots and offers you a chance to plunge into the past.

Just take a look – there were some truly fascinating things going on before we were here!

Image Credits: Kommersant

Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa among the Hopi tribe, Grand Canyon, USA, 1931.

Image Credits: Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger walking in Munich wearing nothing but swim trunks, promoting bodybuilding and attracting people to the gym. November, 1967.

Image Credits: Tumblr

Cambridge graduates, 1926.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Children washing a meerkat, South Africa, 1950.

Image Credits: Reagan Library

Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta during a reception at the White House, 1985.

Image Credits: Metro

Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones, 1980s.

Image Credits: Travels and Observations

Dubai, 1965.

Image Credits: The Mystery World

The first tattoo parlors, 1928.

Image Credits: Imgur

The muffin man, London, 1910.

Image Credits: Pinterest

The tallest man in world history, Fyodor Makhnov. He was 2.85 m (9.25 ft) tall and weighed about 182 kg (401.24 lb). 1900s.

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