15 Bizarre Animal Friendships Absolutely Adorable

How does your best friend look like? Well, we wrote this article with a message…read between the lines kind of message. Animals don’t know anything about racism and apparently they bound “awkward” friendships, helping each other and having fun together. The following pictures speak from themselves and I think we should learn something from this speechless creatures.

1. Cute Domestic Dog And Foxy The Wild Fox

Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Foxes aren’t always sneakiest creatues. They can offer their friendship even to the most fearful enemy.

2. Little Friends Big Friendship


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

These two little fellows are the proven fact that a friendship between a fox and badger is actually possible.

3. Dog And Owl Sitting In The Backyard…Looking Strange At You, Human


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Of course they have that strange look on their cute little faces…wondering, why are you keep photographing us? Leave us alone to enjoy sunlight.

4. The Polar Bear And The Dog


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

So, what if he’s a polar bear and must hunt! Let’s go, my new pal, and hunt together! And have some fun on the way!

5. Simba And Company


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Who would ever thought the great king of the jungle can take care of those tiny, miny, Teckles! Absolutely adorable.

6. Labrador And Cute Duck


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Helping the smallest ones to take over the world. Even if it can be annoying something, but I’m a dog, and I care!

7. I Can Be Your Mother…


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

This Spaniel is nursing a lamb. All golden medals for this “mommy”.

8. The Giraffe And Ostrich


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Feeling lost in sorrow? No worry, mate! I’m here for you, offering a shoulder to cry on!

9. Labrador And Elephant


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

You like water, I like water! So, let’s swim together, and please Mr. Elephant, would you let me jump in the water… from your head? the Labrador just said.

10. Chimp And Baby Tiger


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Are you lost little man…don’t be sad, I’m your mama now. Come here to take a good care of you! Sleep well!

11. Fear From The Dear


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

This dear is guarding the goose, who’s laying eggs. Step away, everybody…we want more geese around us and I’m in control now.

12. Spike, Let’s Go Out For a Walk


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Papa chimp decided to take Spike for a walk in the park. I’m in charge now, so you have to listen to me carefully, and be nice.

13. Hipo And The Turtle


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Hy there, old friend! Want to join me for a walk in the neighborhood? It’s such a nice day outside!

14. Sherkan, Baloo and Simba


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Two stories combined, three friends walking around. Even if they owe a strong personality, leaving your ego behind you can bound a strong friendship.

15. Laying…Puppies!


Image Credits: PlanetDolan

Omg! I laid some puppies…well, that is that I’m gonna keep them warm and I’m going to take a good care of them. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

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