The 3-Question Tibetan Test. The Results Will Disturb You.

This unusual test has a quite unusual result. You have to answer to only 3 questions. Answer honestly, do not cheat, otherwise the test will lose its meaning. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and write down your answers. Finally, you’ll learn something important about your life. Answer each question in order. Do not think too much before you answer. Remember that the best answer is the first thing that crossed your mind.


1. Imagine you have 5 animals in front of you. Arrange them in any order you want:

Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig

2. Write one word for every word listed below (associate the words below with any word that cross your mind):

Dog – …

Cat – …

Mouse – …

Coffee – …

Sea – …

3. Think of five people you know which are important in your life. For each color listed below, chose one person.

Yellow – …

Orange – …

Red – …

White …

Green- …

That’s all. You’ve passed the test.

Here are the RESULTS:

1. The answer to the first question has settled your priorities:

Cow means career.

Tiger means sense of dignity.

Sheep means love.

Horse means family.

The pig means money.

2. The answer to the second question shows how you see your life in subconscious.

The dog involves your personality.

The cat symbolizes the personality of your partner.

The mouse symbolizes your enemies.

The coffee is the attitude you have towards sex.

The sea means personal life.

3. Here’s how to decipher the colors you associated the 5 important people in your life:

Yellow – The person that you will never ever forget which had a strong influence on your life.

Orange – The person who will remain a reliable friend.

Red – The person you love sincerely.

White – Your soul mate.

Green – The person who’s causing a lot of memories.

Image Credits: Asian Art

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