Top 10 Most Awkward Jobs In The World

Still looking for a job? Take a closer look over these jobs maybe you’re interested. Just kidding! Or not! Instead working hard all day long, you can actually sleep and get paid. This sounds strange? Wait and see the rest of the list.

Pet Food Taster

Image Credits: Allday

To be honest, we all tasted our pet’s food, accidentally or not. But to do this as a job is pretty strange. The employee has to chew the food to make sure the flavors are appealing.

Professional Whistler

Image Credits: Exploredia

Well, this is a job I would like to do. Whistle and travel, sounds good to me. This job is needed pretty much in Hollywood. All the whistling is done by professionals, not by actors.

Screen Cleaner

Image Credits: Thecityjournal

Well, it’s true, dust is everywhere including cinema’s screens. And it looks like it’s not the janitor’s job. Until you vacuum the whole dust over a big screen, it’s necessary to empty the vacuum cleaner’s dust bag 2 or 3 times.

Dice Inspector

Image Credits: Weirdestjobs

Who wants to mess with an angry gambling man? Nobody, for sure! That’s why everything must be carefully taken care of.

Ear Cleaner

Image Credits: Commons.wikimedia

I want to see a germaphobe doing this! Hilarious…but in India this is a well-paid job, and you can see people roaming in the street they will clean your ear.

Roller Coaster Tester

Image Credits: Youtube

This is a wonderful job! This man’s life is full of ups and downs, and he’s truly enjoying it to the fullest. He must have a strong, but very strong heart.

Professional Sleeper

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This is the perfect job for students. Earning money during college is a proof of maturity. Doctors or hotel keepers need “sleeping beauty’s”. The first is for sleep studies and the second is to write some reviews for your night spent at the hotel.

Breath Odor Evaluator

Image Credits: Buzznfun

This seems truly disgusting! Really now! We thank Orbit and Airways but why to smell mouths for a living. Can’t understand that.

Human Scarecrow

Image Credits: Pastebin

Can’t understand this job either, and who would hire someone to scare birds when they actually have a fake one. On the other hand, if you can make money, scare the neighbor, too.

Professional Mourner

Image Credits: Estatevaults

Hire a professional mourner to mourn your beloved ones who passed away. This is an European tradition which actually turn into a job.

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