7 Morning Routines You Should Do For A Natural Detoxification

Right diet and exercising are helping you to have a healthy body, so be careful what you eat and you won’t need any special detoxification.
There is nothing natural if you try to starve yourself for a day or more to detox your body. Instead, it’s better to follow these 7 tips to improve your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.

1. Wake up when the alarm rings

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First step for a natural detoxification is to get up and get out of bed when you hear the alarm. Although, snooze your alarm every 10 minutes may seem the best idea at the moment, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do to your body. Your body enters a new cycle of sleep and because of this it will be harder to wake up. In addition, you’ll be tired all day.

2. Water with lemon

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Lemon isn’t good only when you’re sick, but is also suitable to stimulate digestion and eliminate liver toxins. In addition, this is the perfect dosage of vitamin C for the body. You can add sea salt for a more powerful detoxifying effect.

3. Clean your tongue

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We know, it sounds strange, but it’s a very good thing to take care of tongue hygiene. Do this every morning after brushing your teeth. Remove bacteria using a special tongue brush.

4. Brushing dry skin

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You need a special brush, not very expensive, to do this thing. Dry skin brushing has numerous benefits including getting rid of cellulite, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in some areas. Brush always in circular movements from the bottom up.

5. Morning exercise

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Sport shouldn’t miss from your daily routine if you want to have a healthy body. You can exercise more if you change your habits: go to work on foot or by bike instead of driving cars. Increased heart rate in the morning improves metabolism for the entire day.

6. A healthy breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should take care what we eat in the morning. Eating the right products will make the difference between a healthy day and one that endangers our health. For this reason it’s best to eat a breakfast that includes whole grains, protein (which you find in eggs) and fiber from fruits or vegetables. If you eat what your body needs, you’ll reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks.

7. Green Tea

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Another thing you can do in the morning is to replace the usual drink with green tea. We know it can be difficult to give up coffee, but green tea improves metabolism, has antioxidant properties and contains caffeine. Your body will work better if you treat it right and definitely would prefer a healthy routine instead of a drastic cleanse.

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