11 Early Signs Your Kid May Be A Genius

You’re already thinking to the bright future of your child and at the same time you’re thinking that it’s too early to figure this out?
Latest studies have shown that there are actually some signs that can tell you more about your child’s intelligence, and they can be seen anytime between 2 and 4 years – read on and see if your child will be a genius!

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It has an impeccable memory and knows, for example, when you offer the same dinner as the previous day – nothing gets out of his sight!

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Starts talking very early and has a rich vocabulary. Most of kids start talking early and have the capacity to understand and use words. But if your kid is able to compose sentences or complex phrases or even better, to understand wise messages, then surely it has potential to be future genius.

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He asks questions until he receives a satisfactory answer and doesn’t quit until then. Children are curious little creatures, but when they focus on ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ or ‘who’, you may raise a little genius.

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He doesn’t have concentrating issues and can focus only to one duty. For example, he can watch a cartoon or kids movie, without falling asleep or getting bored.

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It has a wide range of hobbies …: loves to draw, play with Lego, sing and swim – and he is doing this with interest and skills.

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… Or he is very interested in a subject, for example, he read all astronomy books that we found in the library. Or he asks you to take him to dancing classes – whatever it is, encourage him, because he’ll manage through life!

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He’s playing fair and realizes quickly when his little sister receives a larger or smaller portion of dessert. And he starts “why-ing” again.

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He starts reading all by himself, and he enjoys it. If by the age of 4 he copes with children book chapters, and he is also able to read newspaper short articles, his ability to understand is definitely above the average.

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He has a big imagination and he is very creative – and it’s not about drawings of magical creatures, it’s about the magical universe your child creates it in his mind: if he has imaginary friends and his talking often about their personalities it means that he’s very inventive and a highly creative process occurs in his little mind.

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He’s full of energy – but this doesn’t mean his hyperactive. On the contrary, he’s able to enjoy the same complicated game for hours until he finishes it without giving up easily or getting bored.

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It has a sense of humor and he’s able to invent jokes, riddles, or simply to be incredibly funny in its own initiative. If your child makes you laugh very often, you might have to deal with a little genius in the future!

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