30 True Facts About Aquarius Personality

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Well, what about that? I was raised by two Aquarians and I decided to write down an article about their personalities. Honestly, I may say that I’m surprised about the matching traits I found among the below lines. If you can skip their “awkward” coat you’ll discover some extraordinary and interesting personalities.

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1 They are helping others solving their problems, even if this means leaving their problems unsolved.

2 Basically, they know what they want, but sometimes they have great problems in taking decisions instantly.

3 They always seek to be unique.

4 Be careful how you treat an Aquarius native because they will never forget that.

5 If an Aquarius has already taken a decision, it won’t change his mind.

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6 They are great in managing things and very neat and tidy.

7 They take people as they are.

8 Aquarians will never ask you twice to get them a favor. If you want, it’s ok, if you don’t, they won’t bother you again.

9 He is wasting his energy with small things.

10 Don’t stand being told what to do.

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11 He feels lost when he’s hurt.

12 He’s biggest fear is not being disappointed.

13 He won’t judge you or draw any conclusion unless they are sure they know you well.

14 You have to take him as he/she is. You can’t change him.

15 When he’s mad he won’t say much but you’ll feel his anger.

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16 If you promise something to an Aquarius, try to respect that.

17 He has a strange way, but also smart to make conversation.

18 They know how to hide their sorrows and to feel confident that everything’s all right.

19 Aquarians have the guts to face their bosses.

20 Aquarius is the eccentric one from a group of friends.

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21 They want to be always informed about any event and ask for extra details.

22 They are very quiet and meditative.

23 Sometimes they like to socialize but sometimes they isolate themselves and can’t be found.

24 They have a dry humor and irony.

25 They don’t have many friends but an Aquarius is very loyal as a friend.

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26 If an Aquarius is friendly with you, it means that you’re considered his friend.

27 They are attracted of peculiarity.

28 They don’t socialize with persons they don’t know.

29 They don’t like to depend on anyone and try to solve their problems all by themselves.

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