30 True Facts About Capricorn Personality

Haba, haba! This is my zodiac sign and I was pretty amazed, not to say scared, when I saw some attributes there that fits very well with my personality. What do you think Cappies about these general traits?

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When you hurt a Capricorn they give up everything that seems important to them.

If you insult or offend them they won’t insult you back.

When they’re in love, will show you the most beautiful proof of love.

They are very orderly and schedule everything in time.

They don’t trust what they hear unless you show them solid evidence.

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There’s nothing in between for them: it’s either yes or no.

They keep their balance even when they party hard.

They are never happy with them, always wanting more.

They face any challenge and never give up.

They are very harsh with their mistakes and self-reproaches.

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Capricorns are independent and rarely accept others support.

And they are stubborn by nature.

They love to give, to see happiness on others faces.

They are truly a friend in need and they implicate in every chore.

They don’t like gossip and say straight in your face what they have in mind.

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These natives don’t talk about their feelings with others, but if they do, be sure that you are a special person for them.

Are natural born leaders and can’t stand being in others command.

They choose truth, no matter how painful it may be.

It is very hard to win their trust.

If something goes wrong, not the way he wants, he’ll be very upset and it will get angry very easily.

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They are sarcastic when they meet idiots.

There are unstoppable when they want something.

Capricorns don’t make mistakes but when they do, they don’t have any problem recognizing it.

They don’t believe what they hear unless it’s proven with facts.

They fight until the end when it comes to justice.

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Sometimes they are lockdown and don’t express their feelings and emotions.

They can’t stand people whom instead doing something, they come out with excuses.

They can’t hide when they don’t like someone.

They are honest and harsh when they express themselves, but they know exactly how to tell you in a funny manner.

Capricorn women are very romantic.

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