30 True Facts About Leo Personality

Nice zodiac sign and I’m telling this because my best friend is a Leo…and she’s a friend in need. As a lion, she thinks she’s the queen of the jungle, but sometimes she deserves a crown for the strength that lies within. I won’t give up on her ever!

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They are second change givers, only if that person deserves it.

Leo will do things his way, with or without others advice.

They don’t like persons who feel sorry for themselves, instead gasping the nettle to change something.

They have high expectations from persons around them, that’s why are often disappointed.

They will always hide their vulnerability.

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They’re like the wind, and often have feelings of sadness appeared out of nowhere.

He always gets what he wants and overcomes all life obstacles.

He will always find a way to be one step forward.

If a Leo doesn’t care about one person, he won’t give a damn, but if he does, he will make sure that things go as they should.

They are friendly with people, but also very suspicious. It’s very hard to gain Leo’s trust.

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They don’t like people who talk a lot, but they won’t show this bothers them.

He doesn’t look back if he’s presence isn’t wanted anymore.

Leo is very sensitive, but he’s making a big effort in hiding this.

Don’t forget about his birthday if you still want to be his friend.

If he wants you, he’ll get you.

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Patience is not on their list.

They are generous and gentle with people they care for.

It is not a smart choice to ignore a Leo.

When a Leo is angry, it is better to leave him alone.

They like to know that someone needs them and they love to hear it.

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They are very proud and for this reason they prefer to suffer in silence.

Tell a Leo he can’t do something and you’ll see that he will do it with flying colors.

They are always smiling.

It’s better to leave alone a Leo when he’s mad, because they don’t want to hear anything.

He will never disappoint you and will do exactly what he said, even if he has other priorities.

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Women born under this sign are independent and don’t need anything from anyone.

A Leo can’t be tamed.

He won’t change for anything or anyone.

They always go forward, never give up.

They say harsh words when they’re upset which they regret afterwards.

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