30 True Facts About Aries Personality

Aries natives seem to lose control quickly but they come back to reality even faster. Although they seem nice and very thoughtful persons and it’s good to have an Aries native around you. Personally, I don’t know anyone born under this zodiacal sign, but I won’t mind if I’ll have the pleasure in meeting someone.

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Aries natives will speak out your thoughts, even if they hurt your feelings.

They have a rough behavior that you’ll think they’ll resort to violence.

You can choose: you can have the cutest person in front of you or your worst nightmare, depending on your attitude.

It is very disturbing for them things they can’t understand.

It is very easy for them to see through you, that you don’t have to hide anymore.

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When you’ll stop believing in yourself, an Aries will do.

They choose wisely their friends: a few but the right ones.

Sometimes a moment of tenderness is enough to fix a bad day.

They will force you to respect them even if they don’t look that way.

They are loyal natives, so you don’t want to see a betrayed Aries.

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They won’t waste time to understand something if they don’t get it from the beginning.

Aries women are very nice, but have their limits.

Aries love fair and honest people.

They are realistic and live for today because tomorrow is another day.

They are very sensitive, and if you’re sad they’ll be sad.

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These natives are like the wind, so they’ll quickly go from agony to enthusiasm.

Tranquility is not their biggest characteristic.

When they’re mad they choose to keep quiet.

He won’t realize if you’re mad at him if you don’t say it. They have better things to do instead guessing your thoughts.

They don’t have patience.

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They will quarrel with you now and in the next minute they’ll act as nothing has happened.

Claims from he’s partner only three things: trust, loyalty and respect.

If he cares about you, they’ll be very mindful.

Aries says goodbye as if it’s their last goodbye.

They are sensitive despite the fact that they’re cold persons.

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There won’t tell you same thing twice.

There is no middle ground. If they want something, they’ll say it to you, because they want to know immediately if they’ll receive.

They do what they want and when they want, without asking for someone permission.

Their attitude is intimidating.

They know to make a joke, but they’ll do it only with their friends.

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