30 Last-Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

Welcome Halloween this year with spooky warmth and innovative decoration ideas. Embrace your guests or treat-or-treaters with some of the most creative Halloween figurines and the most terrifying characters. This year I’m planning in throwing the most awesome Halloween party, and by awesome I mean creepy and ghostilicious. I want like my guests to remember this party many years from now, that’s why I searched all over the internet for some creative decorations. As Halloween is around the corner, I want to share these information with you, thinking that I’m not the only lazy person on this planet trying to do something big on a low budget.

1. Colorful Leaf Decoupage Pumpkins

After seeing this decoration I knew just where to place it. I’m planning to create a spooky corner with such crafts. This pumpkin will be my masterpiece.

2. Floating Paper Ghost Decorations


These cute little ghosts will hang freely over my creepy corner. Or above the Halloween festive dinner, like every guest to take a peek-a-boo around them.

3. Batty Halloween Treat Boxes


Yeah, I will throw a spooky Halloween party, but I’ll still receive treat-or-treaters…I don’t want to be haunted all year. And I’ll serve treats to those little creepy creatures in these cute treat boxes.

4. Painted Skull Decorations


When my guests will ask me: where did you get those skulls? I’ll tell them I digged in the cemetery last night to complete my masterpiece decorations.

5. Giant Candy-Corn Fringe Piñata


Even if we’re old and beautiful, we’re still playing games. That’s why I want to make a “just in case pinata.”

6. Hand-Painted Haunted House Sign


I want to paint this house sign, to show the path towards the haunted house, where spirits gone wild.

7. Pumpkin Chandeliers


We will need some light after all, and I want to say thank you for this craft idea, because I’ll lighten up the spooky house in an inconvenient way.

8. Graphic Pumpkin Candy Bowl


This was a nice idea in painting my dishes to serve food in a creative way. I intend to paint some awful spiders and disgusting cockroaches near those pumpkins.

9. Halloween Monster Candy Boxes


These are other creepy candy boxes. I want to create these ones to give some treats to my guest when they leave.

10. Candy Corn Confetti Party Favors


I want my guests to feel welcomed to my house and party. And if they want to throw confetti, so they will. I want to prepare some magic potion to fill some test glasses.

11. Jar-o’-Lanterns


These will be great decorations. I think I’ll keep those even after Halloween instead of candy boxes. They are very useful.

12. Bat Tissue-Paper Garland


If you make some of these you can dress-up your home for this special creepy holiday. Will be the perfect decoration among my creepy corner.

13. Flying Bat Pinata


I found another pinata and I like this one even more. It fits better with my decoration. I just think the other one it’s suitable for kids. Omg! I hardly wait to get this done.

14. Witch’s Broom Favors


Bu-hu-hu! A witch has to have a broom. It’s like her right arm, it just has to be there. And if I’ll place goodies in those little brooms, they’ll be perfect.

15. Floating Ghosts Decorations


Some Caspers will be perfect outside the house, giving a warm welcome to everybody. An they are so, so easy to do.

16. Pumpkin Creatures: Porcupines


How would these look on your lawn? Actually you can leave those there until Thanksgiving Day. I’m outta of time, so I’ll better start doing these awesome decorations.

17. Pumpkin Lanterns


And my imaginations gone crazy…near those cute porcupines I’ll place these pumpkin lanterns to lighten-up the path for those late guests or treaters.

18. Glittering Halloween Witch Door Decoration


Uhh, I so love this one! Instead of a wreath I’ll place my silhouette on my front door. Welcome to witch’s house! Hihihi!! ๐Ÿ™‚

19. Grave Condition


I choose this sparkling grave stones to place them to my window and some of them I’ll place it in my spooky corner.

20. Eerie Eyeball Wreath


I know I choose to hang on my front door that creepy witch, but I liked this eyeball wreath, too. I wanted to share it with you, maybe you’ll like it as well and would like to place it on your door.

21. Tissue Paper Ghosts


One big spooky family! These little funny ghosts, because they are really trying to be scary I’ll place it in front of my back door…just to look scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

22. Paper Jack-o’-Lanterns


This jack-o’-lantern garland will look great on my fireplace and will fill the place around with some: Honey, I’m scared!

23. Halloween Pumpkin Gourd Display


Draw some pumpkin gourds, just like in the picture, and hang them in the bathtub and pull the shower curtain. Put some lighters in the bathtub to create some diffuse light. I’m telling you, someone will be curious enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

24. Pumpkin Candy Holders


These candy holders will be great for my trick-or-treaters. Instead of putting candies in bowl, put them in those creepy heads to serve tiny ghosts. You can keep them behind your front door to be handy.

25. Black Cats And Pumpkin


Every witch should owe a cat…a black cat. The more, the better. You can see the whole tutorial here.

26. Pumpkin Archway


I like this archway very much. If I’ll have time, I’m gonna do this and try to place it in front of my garage. The entire house should be haunted.

27. Snake Curtain Tiebacks


I’ll definitely decorate my house very, but very spooky and maybe I’ll get an award from my friends. All the creepy creatures are gathered in my house. I’ll spend my time until Halloween doing these crafts.

28. Halloween Mummy Wreath


If you don’t like the eyeball wreath, you can choose to put Tutankhamun on your front door.

29. Halloween Bat Wreath


This is another cute wreath. Depending the scary level you want to reach.

30. Halloween Spider Web Wreath


I’ll try to create this wreath and I’ll on my back door, near the ghost family. This one looks scary enough to me.

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