Top 10 Creative Ways To Use Wine Bottles As Halloween Decor

Oh, hello there wine lovers! Do you know the connection between wine and Halloween? Yeah, of course you can prepare the most delicious witch’s punch ever which tastes just like sangria. But this is not all; after preparing this punch, don’t throw bottles away! Be creative and decorate your house or porch with some scary decorations made from bottle wines. It’s very easy to do and cheap, also. Not to mention they are pretty funny-spooky Halloween accessories.


I told you already I intend to throw a Halloween party and I searched for some more crazy decorations. Like this wine bottles, which I intend to decorate my porch with them.

Friendly Ghosts


Spooky or less spooky, these funny ghosts will cheer-up my guests, for sure!

Potion Bottles


With these poison bottles I’ll decorate my spooky corner, because the theme is “Welcome to Witch’s House”.

Wine Mummy


Haha! As every year, my friend Brad, will dress-up as a mummy and this wine bottle will be made especially for him. Welcome to my crib, Tutankhamun!

A Scarecrow


Another awesome decoration, actually funny for my party. This bottle will be placed near the punch bowl.

Vampire’s Bloody Wine Bottles


…because the bloody wine was poured into the punch bowl. Definitely, these bottles will sit near to the Scarecrow. Be careful what you’re drinking there, fellows.



Yes, master, bottle! I think, dear friends, you don’t even have to have drawing skills, because creepy must be the theme.

Witches Brew


I’m a little bit selfish, and I’ll draw myself on one of the bottles. Every witch should be proud of herself. You can see here the tutorial.

Cute Black Bat


This cute black bat is stuck on this poison bottle. I’ll scare my guests with this one, telling them that he’ll be soon a vampire after he’s drinking that magic poison potion.

Happy Scarecrow


How couldn’t be happy when it’s his favorite time of the year. Especially when I’ll paint it on this wine bottle and introduce him to the rest of the scary group.

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