15 Best Halloween Drinks For Your Creepy Night

Well, well, well, after all these food and all sort of decorations, the last but not the least thing left is: beverages. And, being a grown up party, there will be alcohol served in all sort of creative and spooky ways. Beginning with the traditional vampire punch to different kinds of devilish margaritas, this year I’ll be my friend’s bartender and I’ll delight them with something funny and creepy.

1. Black Velvet

Only 2 ingredients and the drinks arrived. Get the recipe here:

2. The Last Word


A sip and you’re doomed! You must try it!

3. Blood and Sand


You should see the ingredients of this magical drink. I would like two of them.

4. Caramel Apple Punch


Apple punch…just like cider and ladies would enjoy this beverage.

5. Chocolate Malted Martini


Only 5 minutes and this drink is ready to delight everyone’s mouth.

6. Vampire Punch


Ten minutes and Dracula wants his favorite drink. Serve his favorite punch and he won’t bite you.

7. Deviled Margarita


Devil’s wear Prada and drinks Margarita, so every devilish girl should drink at least one of these.

8. Sweet Poison Cocktail Recipe


I just can’t believe it…every beverage is ready in 5 minutes, 10 the most. This is relaxing after making dinner. So, I dare you to prepare this liquid mix.

9. Transformation Cocktail Recipe


Drink this and you’ll no longer look like yourself. Do you have the guts for that?

10. Good and Evil Cocktail Recipe


Ange ou demon? Which one do you choose? Well, it’s better to have all in one…perfect mix.

11. Mulled Red Wine with Muscovado Sugar


Hmmm, mulled wine…vampire’s blood, boiled blood! This beverage is great to be drank anytime.

12. Brain Hemorrhage


Looks terrible but it tastes good. Don’t look at it, drink it! and you will want more.

13. Rotting Pumpkin Martini


One Martini…rotten pumpkin, that’s ok for me…I’m a scarecrow and rotten pumpkins are my favorites.

14. Floating Hands Halloween Punch


I love how this drink looks like. It looks creepy to me, especially those finger coming out of it. I’m going to prepare it this weekend.

15. Candy Corn Martini


Another beverage for Mr. Scarecrow here, made from corn. I bet this drink is perfect even for the mummy.

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