7 Unknown Mesmerizing Cities In Europe You Should Visit At Least Once

Most tourists choose to go on city breaks around Europe, in popular cities such as Paris, Rome or London or in big cities like Barcelona or Istanbul. Therefore, we made this article just for you, to discover other outstanding cities that you are probably ignoring when you’re planning a holiday in Europe. So, let’s begin with the first city on our list, which is:


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Spain is a country with many touristic possibilities for all soul types, starting with the beautiful beaches, mountains, spectacular cities, making this country a destination where you can go every year without getting bored. So, it’s about time to forget Barcelona and start heading towards Granada, a city often ignored by tourists, and you can arrive there after a flight from Malaga.
Located in Andalusia (southern Spain), Granada is a multiculturalism expression where Moroccan spirit left its mark there. The most impressive attraction in Granada is the Alhambra Palace – the most important Islamic monument in Spain, and Granada Cathedral, Nasrid Palace, Sacromonte Caves (a picturesque neighborhood) or Generalife Gardens. Also, you can hike in Sierra Nevada’s mountains from Granada.


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When we say France, we think automatically to a city break in Paris and ignore that there are other beautiful cities around the Hexagon. One of them is Lyon, the best destination for city break this year, according to the World Travel Awards.
The city on the river Rhone is an important place in the UNESCO Heritage, where you can visit the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere, Musee des Confluence, Terreaux Square, Lyon Opera and Frescoes. Besides, you can get lost in the narrow cobbled streets or you can visit Ninkasi, a pub with its own beer production.


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When we choose going to Portugal, Lisbon is the first, sometimes our only choice for a city break. We forget about Porto, the wine city.
Porto is located in northern Portugal, 2-3 hours by train or bus or 50 minutes by plane from Lisbon. No matter what you choose in going there, the prices for a round trip are similar.
You can visit in Porto the Se Cathedral, Ribier historic center, Placa da Liberdade, River Douro and Sao Bento train station – a true piece of art.


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Sometimes Croatia is not taken into account as a city break destination. Therefore, we recommend the city of Dubrovnik for a short vacation, especially if you want to go somewhere less crowded.
Dubrovnik is Adriatic Sea pearl, where the marine and urban landscapes combine making from this gorgeous Croatian city a must see destination. It is a place with high temperatures all year long, so if you go in October, you can easily go to the beach. Dubrovnik’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage and you must see this beauty.

Sankt Petersburg

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When you want to brag that you’ve seen “something else” than the classical destinations such as Paris, Rome or Barcelona, St. Petersburg should be your choice, especially as it was named the best European destination in 2016 according to World Travel Awards jury. St. Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia, visited by 7 million tourists last year, writes Russia Today.
Also called the “Venice of the North”, “The Monarch City ” or “city of 101 islands” St. Petersburg is known for the famous White Nights, during June 11-July 2nd, when the sun almost not descend below the horizon and the twilight lasts up at 3 am, when the sun begins to shine again. St. Petersburg is the city of palaces and art, so here it is recommended to visit the Hermitage Museum, the Winter Palace, Menshikov Palace, Kazan Cathedral and Petrodvoret Palace.


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If you want to “take a bite” of Italy without visiting Rome, Milan or Venice, take a flight to Bologna. The northern fortress-city is known as “red city” because of the color of its roofs and facades, which mean that once you get there, Bologna will provide a colorful holiday, literally. Besides palaces and a pizza, the most special attraction is the Lamborghini Museum: it can be seen by anyone because, in fact, everyone is attracted or at least they dreaming at this car.


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Amsterdam wins every time when tourists think to go to the Netherlands, although Rotterdam has a lot to offer in a city break. You can take a train from Brussels, Belgium to get to Rotterdam or you can take a plane.
Rotterdam is one of the largest harbor cities in Europe and the emblematic modern city born from a fishing village. What to see in Rotterdam: the White House (the first skyscraper in the continent), the Erasmus Bridge – which locals call it “Swan”, the Delfshaven district, Maritime Museum and cubic houses – an eye-catching architectural invention.

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