30 True Facts About Gemini Personality

Even if others say that these natives have two faces, I personally, love this zodiacal sign because they are very fair-play, they always say their opinion and don’t hide or talk behind your back like others. Yes, it’s true these are general attributes, but they are often seen in a Gemini personality. And you will know when you’ll meet a Gemini: always laughing and making jokes, being sarcastic, and they will spread energy around. So, see if you found yourself between these 30 truths about this zodiacal sign.

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If sleep wouldn’t be absolutely necessary for everyday life, Gemini would stay awake all the time thinking, thinking and thinking again.

They’re not afraid of commitments, but they aren’t wasting time or feeling with the wrong people.

They seemed disorganized, but there is logic in all their clutter.

They will never leave someone touch their soul, truly.

Gemini natives think absolutely to all scenarios, even before they happen.

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Gemini natives won’t fall in love easily, but they will make people around them to quickly fall in love with them.

Briefly, these natives want to explore the world and someone who can make them laugh constantly.

Gemini will always oscillate between caring too much or not at all.

Their negative side: they aren’t emotionally stable.

Gemini asks questions which other native are afraid to ask.

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This zodiacal sign is like an owl however, they will still have energy in the morning.

Behind their cheerful and joking attitude hides a native who’s facing with hard times, but would like to make others happy.

Gemini natives will talk a lot only if they feel comfortable around you.

Gemini women are clever, rude and sarcastic, always having the last word in a conversation.

This natives will always know what to say if they want to hurt you: try to upset a Gemini and you’ll cry at the end of the conversation.

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These natives want the most, a strong mental connection with someone else, but they won’t find that very easy in a lifetime.

Gemini natives are very self-confident.

Gemini natives love the combination between beauty and brain matter. Their life companion has to be clever enough to be worth it.

Sometimes, Gemini has to build a defensive wall around them, when they have to talk about personal things.

They forgive quickly but it’s hard to forget.

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Gemini natives are very quiet around people they don’t trust.

Gemini, sometimes have to annoy people just for the sake of fun.

These zodiac signs hate liars. Once they’ll figure it out you’ve lied to them, they won’t believe anything you tell him.

They are very talkative persons, but they have one close friend, two the most, to whom he’ll tell everything.

They will perfectly know how to change the subject in mid of the conversation.

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Don’t smother a Gemini. Give him space and trust and won’t go anywhere.

Gemini may seem foolish in the eyes of others.

Gemini may seem disinterested, but so many things are going through their minds, that simply get lost in their thoughts.

These zodiacal signs are words magicians. They have a skill to twist words into their favor, as to argue with them would be pointless.

Ignorant people are making these natives angry.

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