30 True Facts About Pisces Personality

They hate lying and when they’re being lied to they pretend that they are not aware of it, just to see how far can go those who dare lying to them.

They will look skeptically, and the answers to your questions will be particularly intelligent.

Have a clean heart, but don’t hurt them! If you understand them, they will love you forever.

It is almost impossible to overcome betrayal.

They are very modest and often are perceived as naive, but the reality is that they are deep in thought and very intelligent.

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Do not you dare to betray a Pisces because they are very vigilant.

They need strong motivation, otherwise they do not raise a finger.

They are loyal, strong and very intelligent, and if they don’t like you, you will feel it the most.

They curse and they are often ironic.

They have a rebellious nature and they do not follow all the rules.

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They need confidence and trust. Show them these two things and you’ll turn them into the happiest people.

Few individuals understand their jokes.

They often attach to the people who can not reach their intellectual level.

Their mind and soul are often at odds.

They don’t know how to look indifferent.

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They are followers of facts, not of words.

They encourage others, but they often forget about themselves.

If you disappoint a Pisces, you should know that his heart will hardly open for you again.

They are very attentive to the details of any kind, in any situation.

They are good at art, music and movies. You will always get the best recommendations from them.

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They want to know everything, and if you avoid telling them, they will ask.

They are very helpful, but they often do not take account of their sufferings.

They need to hear how much they matter to someone and they are very romantic.

They have a very good intuition, the best one of all the zodiac.

There are very good people until you step on their tail. You wouldn’t like to provoke a native of Pisces.

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They are good with people and can hardly be fooled. They will analyze every gesture, glance and word.

They are nostalgic.

They love with an unmatched intensity. Once you’ve won their heart, you did it forever.

They make decisions very difficult.

There are dreamers and they prefer to live in their fairytale world, in which people are good and life is perfect.

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