Top 10 Most Futuristic Buildings In The World

Every year, some states amaze us by their architectural wonders which exceed all limits of imagination.
Even so, in just a few decades, we could live in those futuristic cities that we’ve seen in SF-movies.
Here is a collection of most impressive building projects and other architectural structures that will be made by the richest countries in the world.

Infinite House, Sydney

Image Credits: Crowngroup

This is how futuristic homes will look like. The largest city in Australia plans in building fancy restaurants and a block of apartments.

Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg

Image Credits: Twitter

This fantastic skyscraper is intended to be built in St. Petersburg, more specific on the Gulf of Finland. Architects want like this to be the higher building in Europe, even higher than the actual skyscraper Federation in Moscow.

Dancing Dragons, Seoul

Image Credits: Dezeen

This is the last of the 15 architectural projects currently running in the Yongsan district, a business region in Seoul. The project consists in two towers with 88 and 77 floors.

City of Dreams Hotel, Macau (China)

Image Credits: Zaha-Hadid

This is intended to be a five-star hotel built in Macau and its design was made by the legendary architect Zaha Hadid. According to its name, will be one of the most impressive buildings in the world.

Dubai Lagoons

Image Credits: Telegraph

Is a project made by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates and are proud to announce that they have completed the design of Dubai Lagoons. Soon, the desert region of almost 3.1 square miles will be breathtaking with this giant architectural complex.

Bionic city, Shanghai

Image Credits: viralpedia

In this huge city in China architects intend to build in 15 years from now, a city-tower to host 100,000 people. This building is designed according to the bionic architecture principles and will be able to withstand fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes – will be a kind of Noah’s Ark of our times.

Endless City, London

Image Credits: Dezeen

One of the most unusual and “natural” architectural projects will be made in London. The skyscrapers building will have its floors built on some so-called ramps located around an empty atrium.

Europe Spiral, Brussels

Image Credits: Spiral-project

This project will be realized by the Italian company Madeoffice. The name and place are symbolic because the European Union Center is in Brussels. This monument is meant to demonstrate the link between cultural values of the EU Member States.

Bionic Tower “Lava”, Abu Dhabi

Image Credits: Evolo

This skyscraper is designed not only by architects but also biologists. Through their collaboration, they were able to put into practice the principles of the structure of trees and their protective mechanism.

Scaly Tower, Zhuhai (China)

Image Credits: Brightside

In this Chinese city will be build a 100 meters high observation tower. The building will be covered with scales made of perforated aluminum.

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